The Children's Thoughts of Mrs. Kay in Our Day Out

The Children's Thoughts of Mrs. Kay in Our Day Out

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The Children's Thoughts of Mrs. Kay in Our Day Out

In the introduction I am going to use a paragraph to describe what the
children think about Mrs Kay and Les's quote about Mr Briggs. In the
story, Reilly describes Miss Kay as 'ace'. When Les stops Mr Briggs at
the crossing his says to a child 'I got him that time. 'Arrogant get
that one is. I think this means that Les has tried to stop him in the
mornings before but has failed'.

Firstly I am going to describe Mrs Kay's and Mr Brigg's relationship
with the pupils.

Mrs Kay seams friendly with the pupils and plays football with them,
but Briggs is more formal with and shouts. Mrs Kay sees the
difficulties in the pupils and is sympathetic. A quote for this is 'we
cant come al the way to the seaside and not go down to the beach.
Briggs doesn't see the problems that the children have and treats like
them like any other children. When they are at the castle Briggs says
'What does perpendicular mean?' A pupil answers him and he is laughed
at. Mrs Kay doesn't enforce any rules on the children and lets them do
as they please. Mrs Kay told the driver of the bus that the lead
terrible lives so he felt sorry for them. She said to another member
of staff the 'She lied like hell'. Mrs Kay lied for the children so I
think that the children may lie as well thinking that it is the right
thing to do. While Mr Briggs thinks that all children should be
treated the same with problems or not. Therefore he acts hard on the
children and is strict, for example 'Reilly. Dickson. Sit down!

Mrs Kay messes around with the pupils. 'A game of football is in
progress. Mrs Kay is in goal.' At this stage in the story Mr Briggs
sees that it is a farce and refuse to cooperate for the rest of the

Secondly, I intend to explore both teachers' opinions about

Mrs Kay lets them run free in the shop, steeling money and food,
taking from the zoo and running a mockery inside of the castle.

In the zoo, Briggs trusts the children to go around the zoo sensibly,
while he has a cup of coffee with Mrs Kay. Some evidence for this is
'All right Mrs Kay. We'll trust them to act responsibly. When they get
back on the bus later, all the children are quite, which is a bit
unusual. Then the zookeepers come on board and take away the animals.

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Briggs is angry 'I trusted you lot. I trusted you!' This shows that
Briggs was wrong and he doesn't like to be wrong so that's why he was
upset. Kay doesn't care what the children do wherever they are, as
long as they have fun, but Mr Briggs is scared of the school
reputation so he tries to act hard on the kids. Mrs Kay persuaded Mr
Briggs to trust the children the children and have a coffee with her.
Briggs proves her wrong to trust the children when the zookeepers come
to claim the animals.

Thirdly, I am going to look at Mrs Kay's and Mr Brigg's opinions about
the point of the school trips.

Mrs Kay thinks that it is a big load of fun while Mr Briggs takes it
seriously because the headmaster told him to go. The headmaster told
him 'Just try and keep things in some sort of order'. Mr Briggs tries
to do this but Mrs Kay lets things run riot. Briggs confronts Kay
about the quality of her teaching on the trip, but she responds by
saying 'There's no point pretending that a day out to Wales is going
to furnish them with the education they should have had long ago. It's
to late for them. Most of them were rejects the day they were born, Mr
Briggs. We're not going to solve anything today, cant we just try and
give them a good day out?'

This effects Mr Briggs and he finally sees that the children lead
difficult lives and that it cant be helped. As they get on the bus at
the end of the day Mrs Kay asks Mr Briggs if they should go back to
school then, and he responds 'You cant come all the way to the seaside
and not pay a visit to the fair'.

Finally, I intend to discuss Mrs Kay's and Mr Briggs's teaching

Briggs doesn't like Kay's teaching style and he says 'She always
reminds me of a mother hen rather than a teacher'.

Kay says that the children are not worth teaching. To back these
statements up I have with the following quotes: 'Teach them? Teach
them what?' and 'You'll never teach them because nobody knows what to
do with them'.

Briggs tries to educate the children and not to be their friend. To
back this up a have an argument from earlier in the story by Mrs Kay
saying 'There's no point pretending that a day out to Wales is going
to furnish them with the education they should have had long ago.' And
Briggs responds 'well, that's a fine attitude for a member for a
member of the teaching profession to have'.

I agree with Mr Briggs statement best because teachers get paid to do
their job, and that is to teach. Mr Briggs is doing a proper job by
trying to giving them an education while Mrs Kay doesn't care about
the children's education and is getting paid to be a clown and making
the kids happy. I also agree with Mrs Kay's statement that they are
not going to learn everything on one day out.


In the play I like the character of Mr Briggs better because of his
discipline, he reputation but he still finally has fun at the fair.

I think the Mrs Kay is best for progress class because she can see the
difficulties in the children and all she can do to compensate is to
let them have fun.
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