Free Essays on Terrorism: War is Not a Good Thing

Free Essays on Terrorism: War is Not a Good Thing

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September 11: War is Not a Good Thing


Two of the most prominent buildings in America's most prominent city go

down.  Sounds like a nightmare that belongs only in Tom Clancy's novels.

  After the event many were angry, many were thoughtful, but most of all

there was a sense "what now?"  The Defense Secretary was implying war,

President Bush strongly stated he felt that this was a "war for freedom."


  But then people were wondering, what would war bring? And who exactly was

it against? What would be the solution that would bring about long term

world peace and security? War, well, what is war? a state of hostility,

conflict, or antagonism, but it is more than that, it is pain,

hopelessness, hunger, anger, hate.  What is the difference between an

Afghan mother with a picture of her son who died and a mother in New York

holding up a picture of her son?  Afghanistan is a country which is in a

situation that already looks like a post war wreck. Their government, the

Taliban, is a dictatorship -a form of government in absolute power is

concentrated in a dictator or a small clique.  This that the people have no

 voice.  So if we are going to wage a war for freedom, we must not

discriminate by citizenship we must fight for all those who do not have it

in Afghanistan as well.  How can we fight such a complicated war? There are

 many actions we could take and all of which have positive and negative

repercussions, but if you look at the ultimate goal the choices are limited

 to what we can do.   First, we must define our enemy, who or what it is.


 Is it the Taliban?  Or is it also poverty, economic vulnerability, and

territorial conflict? (Poverty, economic vulnerability, and territorial

conflict are linked.  It all comes back to the fact to governmental

instability, which allows someone like Taliban to come in a take over.  Why

 is there governmental instability?) Next we must define our allies.  By

the definition of our war, it is every single human being who supports the

 fundamental idea of freedom-liberation from slavery or restraint or from

the power of another.  That would include most of the people who live in

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Afghanistan.  When we start establishing economic roots, we will make it

possible for the people to feel like they are starting to live instead of

exist.  This always brings about peaceful feelings.  That is where the real

 war must be waged. The war for freedom:  freedom from poverty, freedom to

earn money to feed your family in a legal and ethical way is. We must work

 on uprooting the Taliban from the inside, while eradicating their official

 leaders.  The Taliban did not provide their country with any kind of

prosperity. No matter what your patriotism, if your children are dying for

 nothing, if your house is burned down because you  mourn with those that

lost loved ones in the New York tragedy,  you are not going to be loyal to

that government if given a choice. A war for freedom:  freedom from control

 or domination of another.  We must cooperate with others countries because

 we cannot do it alone. All the countries who declared their alliance must

be taken on their word and put to work.   There are countries who are

closer to Afghanistan both in culture and geographically can help other

countries understand how to help their economic problem in the most

effective way, how to get the country to join the mainstream flow of

information.   Part of the problem in Afghanistan is that they don't even

know what life really looks like outside of their home.  They are taught

all their life that the way they live is the best way.  They must

    be able to see how life really is and then they can make statements

that the Taliban is the best government or not. A war for freedom:  freedom

 from isolation. Why should we extend our hand to the Afghan people?

Because if we consider ourselves the "leader of the world for freedom,"

then we must carry out that idealism into real solutions when that idealism

 is tested. 



Why should we not go into a full scale war?  For our children who will

eventually have to deal with the middle east and repair the anger,

resentment, and pain which we will create.  Let us not make the same

mistake that we made in WWI with Germany, WWII followed because of the

oppression and anger that was harnessed by Hitler.  How, if people are

truly content, will they be willing to assist the Taliban in creating more




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