College Admissions Essay: Social Responsibility

College Admissions Essay: Social Responsibility

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What can I do For You?

I want You to know

My heart is Yours

It's not a question of what

You can do for me

But what can I do

For You?


These lyrics communicate a principle that can help in our daily lives with those around us: selflessness. So many people are in life just to see how much they can get out of it. But how does that help society? It does not except to drive the greed already rampant. So many people attend churches or take part in other religious activities trying to satisfy their need for a higher cause or social betterment, taking the values that are taught but often refusing to implement them, instead being satisfied merely with the dream of a better world. But the real answer to the question is another question: what can I do for you?


If everyone, including me, could only grasp the real meaning of all that could be accomplished with this attitude, the world could be a better place. But pictures of utopia are easier pained than lived, to coordinate this would be impossible, to be this selfless is difficult. Still, the fact remains that so much could be accomplished if everyone could just do a little. For many, however, this is just too much and they continue on through life as social parasites, sucking their existence from those who sacrifice for the good of all.

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Being a parasite leaves one bloated with the pleasures of this world but void of meaning. Everyone has the social responsibility to give back to society. Embrace this and ask the question, "What can I do for you?"
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