Poetry Comparison - Sonnet and In time of war.

Poetry Comparison - Sonnet and In time of war.

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Poetry Comparison - Sonnet and In time of war.

In the poem "Sonnet" Millay is still in love with someone because it
is told to us in the last two lines of the poem. "I only know that
summer sang in me" which tells us that she feels full of summer, i.e.,
nice things, when she is in love. " A little while, that in me sings
no more" tells us that she is now sad to have lost the love which she
once knew. I think she has mixed feelings about being in love with a
person or the idea of just being in love. She feels that being in love
is both painful and confusing as she talks about this in her poem. I
think that it is possible to love more than one person in your
lifetime, but only one at a time. There will however, I believe that
there will be only one true love in your life.

Millay compares herself to a tree in winter: "thus in the winter
stands the lonely tree" to explore the theme of love. She feels pain,
Millay explains the feeling of being in love "summer singing within
her" this is appropriate as is exploring her true feelings and
affections about the fact of being in love.

Millay uses long lines to create the mood of love, for example, "what
lips my lips have kissed, and where, and why." "I only know that
summer sang in me." "a little while, that in me sings no more." These
word show how much she loved the person, that she felt lifted and
bright and that she is afraid that the feeling is now gone and will
not come back.

In the poem "In Time Of War" the language in the poem indicate that
Thanet is in love with her lover more than her country. She loves him
so much as he understands her and she feels as though their souls are
joined. There are similarities between this poem and Millay's
"Sonnet". Both Millay and Thanet have similar views on love, in that
they are both intrigued by the idea of love and have loved ones who
have gone away, not knowing if they will return safely.

Thanet evokes the familiar image of men, soldiers, marching away to
war "when the deep drums awake- go forth: do gloriously for my dear
sake." I think that the use of the word "awake" could have numerous
meanings here, it could be a representation of the realisation of what
war really is to the soldiers and the sound of guns in battle, a

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battle the soldiers will have to fight in order to live.

She uses a contrast of men being "heroes," a term with which you would
usually associate with a knight in shining armour rescuing a maiden
from a burning building, and "commonplace" a term which could be
symbolic of the working class. These two terms are therefore
juxtaposed with each other, as they would not generally be used
together in the time period the poem was written. As the soldiers
march away she herself feels "blind with fear" and "braver thought I
lack." I think that the phrase in the last line is used to remind us
that she is unsure whether her loved one will return, and so she is
praying to God to bring him home safely.

In the poem "The Sick Rose" the speaker has a negative view of love,
which is reflected in the language he uses. He claims that love will
"thy life destroy." Religion plays a part in Blake's view because of
the words he uses in the poem for example "thou art" and "thy."

Although the poem can be taken literally there are symbols used as
well. For example the "rose" could be viewed as a symbol for love, and
the "worm" a symbol for sin. Blake appears to be saying that the lady
will be destroyed when the "dark secret" of love emerges, as his love
is destructive. Blake's poem serves as a warning, he believes that
love destroys lives.

"The Sick Rose" is written is very short lines which create the effect
of love being a sin and also that love is capable of destroying lives.

In the poem "To His Coy Mistress" the lady is coy because he wants to
take her virginity and in 'your quaint honour turn to dust'. The mans
view of love is that in time his love for her will grow like a
vegetable. Marvell's view of love is similar to Blake's because he is
saying that if they don't act now in time, there love will be gone
forever because they will grow old and die.

Marvell's opening argument is about "time", he explains to his
mistress, if we don't cease the opportunity now we will never have it
again. Lets make the most of our time on earth. He exaggerates how
much time he would lavish on her by saying he would spend a hundred
years praising "thine eyes and on thy forehead gaze". But he can't do
this because "time is winged chariot hurrying near". He exaggerates
how short a time humans have on earth by comparing our lifetime to
eternity "yonder all before us lie deserts of vast eternity".

He points out that she will not be able to hear "my echoing song" when
she is dead and her virginity will be worth nothing "but dust". His
final plan of attack begins with " now while thy youthful hue sits on
thy skin like morning dew", and here he suggests they "like amorous
birds of prey rather at once our time devour".

The closing couplet sums up Marvell's feelings because he can't stop
time but time can go faster.

I think "Sonnet" is the most romantic poem because, the language used
creates a romantic atmosphere and is a lot more meaningful but also
shows the painful side to love, especially a lost love.

"The Sick Rose" is the most depressing poem as it talks only of how
destructive love can be.

It could be argued that "To His Coy Mistress" has little to do with
romance as all he seems to be trying to do is persuade her to go to
bed with him.

My favourite poem out of these is "Sonnet" it is the most romantic and
in my opinion reveals the true nature of love.
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