Comparing Hide and Seek, Half past Two and Leaving school

Comparing Hide and Seek, Half past Two and Leaving school

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Comparing Hide and Seek, Half past Two and Leaving school

For this essay I am going to compare the language in three poems and
how they show the persons feelings. These poems are 'Hide and Seek'
'Half past Two' and 'Leaving School'.

Hide and seek is written in a 3rd person perspective. The language is
descriptive, simple, atmospheric and childlike in the way that it uses
personification (giving things human names). The poem suggests that it
is in a 3rd person perspective by the use of the word 'you' at the end
of the poem. The end of the poem is also very sad and lonely, enhanced
by the darkness described. All these factors together produce a dark,
lonely and upsetting mood, these factors are easily shown by the
child's character which is soft, small, frightened and easily upset
from the description that we get.

Half past Two is also written in a third person perspective. The
language and viewpoint of the entire poem is that of a young child's
point of view, this is shown in the language. The language shows this
by its simplicity, its child like words and the way that the writer
puts words together with no spaces.

The language also has some rhyming words in it. The child's character
is simple, he knows what he knows, but that's it and he shows
innocence in the way he thinks. The mood is not really set because the
description does not include the weather, of a descriptive setting but
we get a confused and scared mood from the confused child. The
structure is simple with some italic writing to create emphasis and
the writer uses 3 lined stanzas.

Leaving School is written in a first person perspective and the
language is a lot more complicated but still easily understood the
language in the poem is also very emotional. The poem is about a boy
that is missing home and is easily upset, the poem also gives use a
feeling that he is being forced to grow up to fast, because of some of
the simple things he is worried about and the things he gets wrong. At
the end of the poem the child keeps on drifting in to his own
imaginary world and also shows his lack of confidence. The mood is
upsetting and lonely, this is created by the child's sad situation.
The structure of the poem is in three chunks of lines, and the

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situation gets worse as the poem continues.

All of the poems portray the child will similar characters and the
child is portrayed in the same way in all the poems as a lonely upset
person. The mood is also similar because the main character feelings
and the upsetting situation create the mood in all the poems, which is
similar in all the poems. However all the poems have different
settings and situations. All the poems are upsetting and moving, but
they all show the same person in different situations, even though the
structure and setting varies.
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