Form and Structure of the play Blood Wedding

Form and Structure of the play Blood Wedding

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Form and Structure of the play 'Blood Wedding.

Form and Structure

The play 'Blood Wedding' has Three Acts and Seven scenes all together.

In the first act we are introduced to all of the characters, where we
see their first impressions of them. In act two we see the characters
developing, learning new things. In the end we have an ending, which
isn't expected and could shock the audience.

Lorca was a Spanish writer so therefore his play is set in the Spanish
culture. The play begins by introducing the mother and the bridegroom
who are arguing about knives. As the audience we begin to notice that
the mother has a problem with knives.

The pace of the two characters was relaxed at first but soon the
tension begins to rise between the two characters as soon as the word
knife was mentioned.

When the bride arrives, the atmosphere of the play changes, the happy
atmosphere is interrupted. The mother begins to get cautious, as she
is not keen on the bride at first because she knows absolutely nothing
about her. When the mother meets the bride and her father, the two
parents start to compare there son and daughter too one another, I
think this shows that there is a competition atmosphere between the
two characters, this is when the tension begins to rise again, the
mood becomes jealous because I think Lorca wants to set the father
that he wants his daughter to be the best and this is the same with
the mother.

"My son has the very best of prospects."

"My daughter is the finest of girls."

As the visit continues, I notice that the bride is a bit awkward with
the mother, she sounds as though she is hiding something. I think this
causes a great amount of tension, the atmosphere starts to become dark
and secret. We also notice that the bride is acting around the mother,
giving her sharp answers, she sounds as though she doesn't want to get
married, unsure of her decision.

I think the bride is a very important character of the play as the
pace, tension, atmosphere and the mood changes. The tension and the
pace continues rising, the atmosphere is starting to get deceitful as
she doesn't want to marry the bridegroom and the mood becomes

On the day of the wedding, we see that the atmosphere is confused,
flustered and closed because I feel that the bride knows she doesn't
have much time to decide if she will go through with the wedding. As
the maid continues to do the brides hair, we notice that the maid is

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jealous of the bride,

"You're so lucky on top of you."

If this was said to someone else who wanted to get married they would
probably gloat about it, but the bride is very tensed about it and
answers short and sharply.

" Be quiet."

This is when we start to see the real truth, the tension begins to
rise, the atmosphere becomes dark and deceitful and the mood becomes
angry and emotive.

The arrival of Leonardo causes a great tension to build up, the
atmosphere stays dark and the mood stays angry. I think the arrival of
Leonardo splits the play into two parts, as we are now thinking about
Leonardo and the bride, wondering if they are going to stay together.
The audience is also going to be thinking about the bridegroom and how
he would feel.

When Leonardo and the bride are together, I think the bride becomes
scared, we see her voice speaking a lot more quickly, I think this
shows that she is afraid that Leonardo will change her mind about
getting married.

I think Lorca added Leonardo to the play because we see the bride
changing, she becomes anxious and shakily, he makes the mood emotive,
unknown and angry, the atmosphere becomes darker and deceitful (as he
isn't thinking about his wife and his child.) The tension is also
building up,

In Act two Scene two is full of emotion, the cheery atmosphere from
the wedding has gone.

When the mother and the father are together we see that the atmosphere
is increasingly building up, the mood is stressed and nervous. The
bride isn't happy at all on her wedding day, I think this shows that
she knows she has made the wrong decision. The bride acts strange
around the bridegroom, she is very sharp with him and soon she makes
an excuse that she has a sore head so she doesn't have to be with him,

"No I want to lie down for a while."

I think the bride says this very tensed, this shows that she is
worried about her decision about marrying the bridegroom.

When we find out that the bride has ran of with Leonardo we
immediately notice the atmosphere becomes deceitful, angry and tensed.
As the audience we feel pity for the bridegroom and Leonardo's wife.
The mother becomes very powerful, she orders the crowd to spilt in two
to go looking for the bride and Leonardo.

"If she'd any shame lets go now."

This speech shows that the mother wants revenge, she wants the bride
to pay, and I think this shows that the mother feels the pain for her
son as she cares about him. The tension is still rising increasingly
as the search continues to look for the bride and Leonardo, the
atmosphere is darker, deceitful and tensed, and the mood is revenge,
emotive and angry.

When Leonardo and the bride are together, the atmosphere is about
love, as the audience we can see a lot of love between these two
characters. I feel that Lorca wanted these two characters to be
together all along.

At the end of the play, we see that Lorca gives an unexpected ending
from the beginning. I think he wanted the audience to think that the
bride and the bridegroom would be together for a long time not that
the bridegroom and Leonardo would both be killed.

In the last scene we see the bride arriving at the mother's house, the
atmosphere is guilt, the mood is also guilt and the tension is rapidly
increasingly between the bride and the mother.

The bride feels guilty and wants the mother to do her revenge but the
mother tells her to stand outside the door. I think this play is about
woman's rights and reality. I think Lorca wanted people to see what
can happen in reality.
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