Act 1 scene 5 of The Diary of Anne Frank

Act 1 scene 5 of The Diary of Anne Frank

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Act 1 scene 5 is the dramatic climax of act 1 in the drama The Diary of
Anne Frank written by Goodrich and Hackett. The play is based on the Diary
of Anne Frank.

Act 1 scene 5 is the dramatic climax of act 1 in the drama “The Diary
of Anne Frank” written by Goodrich and Hackett. The play is based on
the Diary of Anne Frank kept during the two years they were in hiding
from the Nazis, 1942-1944. The Franks were hiding in with another
family, the Van Daans. Both of these families were hiding in the attic
of Mr Frank’s business in Amsterdam. It is an important scene in the
play as it is a major turning point.

The Franks and the Van Daans have been in hiding for 6 months and are
performing there ritual Hanukkah, then they hear a noise downstairs
everyone slips there shoes off and, Peter goes to switch the light off
but in the process trips over a chair and makes a racket ,the person
downstairs is scared and rushes off . After this everyone jumps to
conclusion “it’s the green police they’ve found us” and “no it’s a
thief looking for money”. Mr Frank tells every one to calm down. Mr
Frank goes downstairs to check what has happened as he gets downstairs
the green police and someone enter the flat. He rushes back upstairs
at the first time possible and bolts the door behind him at the end of
the scene the two families join in sing a Hanukkah song as this calms
everyone down again and all tension has gone. For now

Act 1 scene 5 is a significant scene because it is a major turning
point in the play as the families do not have a clue what’s going to
happen next. Are they caught? Or are they safe? Who knows at this
point? Act 1 scene 5 is a significant scene as the scene tells us a
lot about the characters especially Mr Frank, this scene confirms what
we know about Mr. Frank, but also shows us another side of him that we
have not seen in previous parts of the play. We find out that he is
courageous as he goes to investigate. He has no idea what awaits him
obviously he has some fear of what he is going to find as who
wouldn’t? But Mr Frank doesn’t express his fear the same way you or I
would he keeps it hid but it is still there. We also find out that he

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is logical as he bows out the candles to save them for the next day.
It also shows he is intelligent as right at the end of the scene he
asks Anne to sing knowing it would raise everyone’s spirits. Peter and
Anne are also very different in this scene. Peter has become more
confident around everyone and has learned to express his self better
and shows some feelings towards Anne. Anne has matured a bit since the
start of the play and starts to have feelings for Peter.

Act 1 Scene 5is important as it is the first time that the groups’
mood changes from content to extremely cautious it is when the burglar
breaks into the building and attempts to break into the safe they make
a noise upstairs and the burglar runs for his life. The thing is they
don’t know it was a burglar for all they knew is that it could have
been the green police coming to get them. The families are then unsure
whether they’re caught or if they are safe. You could cut the tension
in the attic with a butter knife. Mr Frank decides that it is not safe
until he checks, so Mr Frank being who he is decides he has to check
down the stairs. He goes downstairs and notices that the door is wide
open he goes towards the door to shut it over then somebody comes in
he then quickly jumps in to a hallway and waits until the person
isn’t looking goes back upstairs and declares “the danger is over
now”. This statement from Mr Frank is important as it clears any of
the uncertainty that anyone has about their safety.

This scene is clearly very important in the development of the play as
a whole because from this point onwards the family feels they are safe
because of Mr Frank’s clever statement but even though Mr Frank has
said the dangers is over everyone will still have the little voice in
their head saying that they are caught.
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