A View From The Bridge - What makes a view from the Bridge 'good'

A View From The Bridge - What makes a view from the Bridge 'good'

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A View From The Bridge - What makes a view from the Bridge 'good'
theatre.What techniques does Miller use to create dramatic impact
and meaning.

Question 2: What makes a view from the Bridge 'good' theatre.

What techniques does Miller use to create dramatic impact and meaning

Miller uses very clever techniques throughout 'A View from the
Bridge'. As most of his plays will show you, he likes to focus his
work on different groups in society. In this particular play, he
writes about Latino Americans, and there struggle to survive in the

Characterisation is a key factor to creating tension in 'A view from
the Bridge'. Miller uses a lawyer, Alfieri, as a narrator. Alfieri
appears at different stages to explain the situation in more detail,
he addresses the audience. By doing this the audience begin to trust
him, and are more likely to believe what he says. This makes the
audience feel more involved, and thus they are more inclined to pay

Alfieri links the action between the scenes. He bridges the gap
between audience and play. Yet again, this bridge makes the people
watching feel more involved. When Alfieri opens the play, he is very
light hearted and appears respectable:

"You wouldn't have known it, but something amusing has just happened.
You see how uneasily they nod to me? That's because I am a lawyer."

This beginning makes the audience feel at ease. The audiences first
impressions of Alfieri are positive, with him wearing a suit and
appearing 'good-humoured' and 'thoughtful'. This trail of thought
continues throughout.

Alfieri is used as a dramatic device, and not as a person In this
play. Although, he does participate in this piece. He smoothly glides
between narrator and actor:

Stage directions: [Alfieri pauses, looks down at his desk, then to
Eddie as though he were continuing a conversation with him]

Miller uses complex stage directions which although hard for the
character, if performed correctly, produce great theatre. In this
particular path he makes Alfieri address the audience before gliding

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back into his onstage character.

Eddie appears a very kind and caring man at the beginning of 'A View
from the Bridge', but his character develops as the story does. I
think that the fact that he is unaware of his inner emotions, or
represses them, creates more interest and tension. This creates a
sense of foreboding, and you only feel that it is only a matter of
time before Eddie eventually explodes.

Half American- half Italian Alfieri eventually makes Eddie aware of
the situation.
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