Man For All Seasons By Robert Bolt - Henry VIII

Man For All Seasons By Robert Bolt - Henry VIII

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Man For All Seasons By Robert Bolt - Is Henry VIII an important character
in the play? Is he the villain?

Thomas More was the hero in the play because his standard up for his
beliefs, he was not scared of anyone, he knows it was a sin if Henry
VIII divorced Catherine of Aragon and gets married to Anne Boleyn.
Robert Bolt thinks Thomas More was a faithful Catholic and could not
accept this, or swear the oath of loyalty to the king.

Henry VIII wanted to get a divorce with Catherine of Aragon and get
married to Anne Boleyn. In the eye of the Catholics he could not
divorce Catherine of Aragon. Henry VIII wants his children inherited
the throne; he introduced the act of succession and made himself head
of the Church of England. When Henry VIII made Thomas More the Lord
Chancellor, Henry VIII expected Thomas More to support him but Thomas
More did not support him. Thomas More did not like the idea of Henry
VIII getting divorce. Thomas More resigned as Lord Chancellor because
he did not want to give Henry VIII a divorce so he resigns. Thomas
More found it impossible to support the king in the end because Thomas
More knew it was the wrong thing to do.

Thomas Cromwell part played in the downfall of Thomas More was
planning all the evidence and make sure he dies. Thomas Cromwell want
Thomas More to come over to the king's side, Thomas more did not come
over to the king's side so Thomas Cromwell said he had to get rid of
him. But Thomas Cromwell and Duke of Norfolk are trying to get Thomas
More killed, they are trying to find the person that gave Thomas More
a cup for a bribe and they try to convict him of treason.

I think Henry VIII was Thomas More's friend because Henry VIII did not
want to put Thomas More on the rack. As we saw earlier in the Garden
scene, Henry VIII has come to put pressure on Thomas More he wanted
Thomas More to sort out the business with the divorce with Catherine
of Aragon. He use a number of different techniques, first he tries to
scare him by shouting at him but he also appeal's to be a friend.
Henry VIII said he was joking but we know he was bulling him. Henry
VIII use originates from the bible but it does not work, because
Thomas More knows the bible inside out. There is a scene in the video
which is missing in the book, it's when Henry VIII is having a party

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for his wedding and he sees Thomas More it is someone else. He was so
happy that Thomas More came to his party but when he saw it was
someone else he got sad, so we could see Henry VIII want Thomas More
to come to his party and be his friend.

I think the real villain in this book was Richard Rich because it was
impossible to get Thomas More in prison when Thomas Cromwell tried.
Richard Rich lied to get Thomas More killed but Thomas Cromwell is the
villain as well but Richard Rich is the biggest villain. The audiences
enjoy the trial scene because it has suspense, and is also
interesting. The king was not present at the trail. The scene at the
end when Thomas More got executed was very sad and dramatic but not
thrilling. I thought there will be blood but actual the beheading was
not shown.
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