How Not to Break Up

How Not to Break Up

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How not to Break Up

A few years ago, I made a mistake that I learned never to do again. I was dating a girl who I was friends with before dating her. I met her when I moved to Milton FL. She was the first girl that I started talking to. At first we were just good friends and then I decided to ask her out on a date. To my surprise she said yes. After that, we began dating more and finally started going out. We had a pretty good relationship until I found someone that I was more attracted to. I decided that the best thing was to let my girlfriend know that I have found someone else. To some people this would be easy but for me it was hard. My girl bought me everything that I wanted. Even stuff that I did not ask for. I was going to break-up with her over the phone but I decided to be a man about it. I called her up and told her that I need to talk to her so I was coming over to her house. I made sure that I got everything that she had bought me over the years. I got to her house and she met me outside. For some reason she already knew that it was not good. When I told her that I did not want to see her anymore, she got very upset. She started to yell at me and instead of being calm about it, I started to yell back. That was a very big mistake. All at once I saw her eyes fill with rage and suddenly she kicked me where no man would ever want to be kicked. After I got out of the hospital I realized that I broke up with her the wrong way. Knowing the pain that I went through, I decided that I would let men know the things they should not do when breaking up with their woman. First of all, do not start flirting with another woman while you are already with one. Secondly, do not be rude to her. The man should talk to her as if he wants to ask her out again. Lastly, the guy should not take his eyes off of her.

A man that wants to break-up with his woman should not start flirting with another woman.

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Not only is this stupid, but for some reason, the woman always finds out. If not from her friends, she will find out because the woman you are talking to will slip and say something. For example, before I broke up with my girlfriend I started flirting with another woman. I went to the mall in Pensacola and saw one of the finest girls that I have ever seen. We were just talking at first and later that day it turned to more than just talking. She gave me her phone number and told me where she went to school at. Lucky for me she went to another school. My girlfriend had no idea what was going on except she noticed that I was acting weird towards her. Everything was going pretty good and I was getting to the point that I wanted to break-up with my girlfriend. There was only one problem that I found out; she was my girlfriends’ second cousin. I found this out when I decided to break-up with my girlfriend. I tried to deny it, but my girlfriend had pictures of her cousin and me. When a woman finds this out she will not tell her man about it. Instead she will act differently and wait for her man to say something about it. I found this out the hard way.

Secondly, a man does not want to rude to his woman when he decides to break-up with his woman. As I said before, he should talk to her as if he wants to ask her out again. Being rude to his woman will allow the man to get no where; instead it will cause him to dig a deeper hole than what he already has. For example, when my girlfriend found out that I was flirting with another woman she got pissed. I think she was more upset that it was her cousin than anything else. When she found out I was extremely rude to her. I should have been nice to her and instead I decided to be a jerk. If a man decides that he wants to be rude, he should always remember to apoligize to the woman. Not only did I dig myself a big hole but I also ruined our friendship because I did not apopgize to her. I belive that if I would of done that then I could of saved our friendship atleast. Since I did not apolgize to my girlfriend, it made our friendship go to hell.

Lastly the man should never take his eyes off his girl. I made the mistake of doing this and it cost me dearly. After I told her the rage she had built up inside came out in a furious kick to my groin. This mistake that I made could have been prevented if I would not of took my eyes off of her. As soon as I did that she had a perfect oppurtuinty to take advantage of the situation. Not all women will kick their man in the groin, some will just slap them or just punch their man. For some reason my girl thought that it would be better for her to just kick me. While I was laying on the ground I just kept thinking on why I ever took my eyes off of her.

In conclusion if a man will follow these steps of what not to do then the outcome could be a lot better than what mine was. A man should just be honest with his woman instead of lying and doing other stuff and the end result of their break-up will have a better friendship than what mine had.
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