A Comparison Between Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre and John

A Comparison Between Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre and John

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A Comparison Between Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre and John
Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men looking closely at the themes of
Friendship, Loyalty and Integrity

I have recently read Charlotte Brontës 'Jane Eyre' and John
Steinbeck's 'Of Mice And Men' novels. They are both clearly different
novels. First are both set in different time spans, the settings are
different, Jane Eyre was set in rural Victorian England countryside,
in comparison, Of Mice And Men was set in the Agricultural side of the
U.S.A. Finally both genders of each novel are the same i.e. Charlotte
Brontë and Jane Eyre to John Steinbeck and George Milton and Lennie
Small. I will be looking closely at the three themes and similarities
between the two novels; these are Friendship, Loyalty and Integrity. I
shall also be looking in detail at the differences between the two

Both these novels have many differences, The first main difference is
the time and settings between the two novels, first of all Jane Eyre
was set in 1847 in the rural Victorian countryside placed in England
during the nineteenth century. Then the main character Jane Eyre and
then the writer Charlotte Brontë. This novel has been written in a
first person narrative point of view, this attempts the readers to
focus on the style of writing and emotions that occurred through the
novel. This style of writing will enable the readers to get up close
to the characters and the details given by them.

" I don't know, I asked Aunt Reed once, and she said possibly I might
have some poor low relations called Eyre, but she knew nothing about

This shows how Charlotte Brontë decided to write the novel in the
first person narrative, this will again enable the readers to get up
close and personnel, this will also get the readers some of her life
as they were with her as it happened. This is one of the advantages of
writing in the first person narrative. However a disadvantage of this
style of writing is that us the readers our only able to read one
point of view, but to me this is also another advantage because this
novel suits the style of a first person narrative, Charlotte Brontë
has done this deliberately, so the reader can focus more on Jane Eyre
and her life.

In comparison John Steinbeck's 'Of Mice And Men' was set in the
agricultural side, in the heart of the 1937 U.S.A. Also John Steinbeck
wrote the novel during the great depression. John Steinbeck made the
two main characters 'George Milton and Lennie Small'. This is another
difference form Jane Eyre as the gender is all male however the main

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difference is that John Steinbeck has written this fantastic novel in
a third person narrative, this allows the readers to get more than one
point of view. In this case we are able to view Lennie's childish ways
during the novel, John Steinbeck has done this really well so that we
can get an account of every characters life and personality. The
disadvantage in this novel is that we our not able to get the detail
out of the main characters and all the other characters.

'Jesus Christ,' George said resignedly. 'Well-look, we're gonna work
on a ranch like the one we come from up north.'

Charlotte Brontës 'Jane Eyre' and John Steinbeck's 'Of Mice And Men'
are both clearly different novels, however from reading these two
novels, I have observed three main similarities these are friendship,
loyalty and integrity. The characters, which were met during the two
novels, stood up for each other and themselves. They are loyal to
one-another and also there ideas and what they believe in life that
was right to them. This can lead them into trouble, which then can
lead into hard decisions for them to take and whom it may involve.

John Steinbecks 'Of Mice And Men' expresses George and Lennie's
relationship brilliantly just like a marriage, not in a sexual manner
but in a mutual loving relationship. This occurs throughout the novel.
At the beginning of the novel Lennie got into trouble in Weed, both of
them had too flee, to me George didn't have to leave, he could have
just left Lennie to defend for himself. However, George took Lennie to
help him flee Weed. Another good signal for there relationship would
be again at the begging at the novel when George explains to Lennie
that he would be happier to leave Lennie.

"God a' Mighty, if I was alone I could live so easy. I could get a job
an' work, an' no trouble no mess, at all, and when the end of the
month come, I could take my fifty buck and go into town and get
whatever I want".

George may say this, but to him he couldn't leave Lennie, because of
their relationship and that George needs Lennie as much as Lennie
needs George.

In comparison Charlotte Brontës 'Jane Eyre' friendship is also truly
remarkable, Jane only had two friends both at the Lowood institute
these were Helen Burns and Miss Temple. Both of them respected Jane
for who she was. All three stuck up for each other when they went
through the pain and trauma during the time at the institute. This is
shown in chapter 6 when Helen was hit around the neck with a rod,
which was a bunch of small sticks tied together and then forced upon
the bare flesh of Helen Burns's neck. Jane stays with Helen to keep
their friendship last. Another example of great friendship, which they
both shared together, was with Miss Temple when she took Jane and
Helen up to her lodgings. She gave them tea and toast.

"But you two are my visitors to-night; I must treat you as such."

She rang her bell.

"Barbara" she said to the servant who answered it, "I have not yet had
tea; bring the tray, and place cups for these two young ladies".

And a tray was soon brought. "How pretty, to my eyes, did the china
cups and bright the teapot look, placed or the little round table near
the fire. How fragrant was the steam of the beverage, and the scent of
the toast".

So now Jane had two great friends, Helen Burns and Miss Temple, this
showed the true friendship, which all three shared.

Jane is also a good friend towards Helen, when Helen was told off and
then hit on the neck by the rod; she then later had to stand up in the
class. Jane stood by her; this showed the loyalty that she gave to
Helen. They both stayed faithful towards one another.

In comparison John Steinbecks 'Of Mice and Men' also showed loyalty
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