The Individual in The Pedestrian by Ray Bradbury

The Individual in The Pedestrian by Ray Bradbury

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It is fairly simple for people to be regarded as a person who is
suspicious, or subversive. Another thing which is very easily done to
people is to dismiss them. Many ways in which this can happen are
shown in the short story, "The Pedestrian." It shows examples of this
in the way which the man is treated and how the whole world has become
such a cold place.

As the man was taking a walk, it seemed like a very cold place from
the start of the story. As he gets stopped by the police car it begins
to talk to him. At that point the thought begins to occur to you, as
if something is wrong because there is nobody driving the car. The
humans who used to drive these cars, the police officers have been
replaced by machines. The government and society is dismissing them
because they are no longer needed. A new, more efficient and less
costly way of doing things has been found. This is a frightening idea,
to see people being replaced by cold, hard steel.

He continues to talk to the car it asks him why he is talking and
begins to see him in a suspicious way simply because he does not
conform to the ideas which have been accepted by the rest of society.
This lead you on to think that if you choose not to follow the "norm"
and truly think freely that you will be thought of as somebody who
will pose a threat. This is something that people have been trying to
do for many centuries. They believe that they must stop anything that
can pose a threat even if the person who is posing the threat is
right. People will go to outstanding lengths in order to protect what
has been established. This is also visible in our present day society.
If you don't do what you are told you are cast aside.

If you follow the story a little further and begin to delve into the
plot even further it shows the possibility of being punished simply
for not doing what others around you are doing. The man is taken away
simply because the people who are in authority have labelled him. His
behaviour is regarded as regressive. It is hard to imagine that
somebody could be taken away simply for walking but if that is what
those in power must do to keep you under control that is what the will

It makes a person wonder what kind of thought process it would take to

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do such a horrible thing as imprisoning another person simply because
they are different or they think differently, but that is a reality.
People in many corners of the world are being disregarded and tossed
aside, having their rights thrown away as a result of their will to
think and feel in a different manner. We can only hope that our
society does not get so bad that you can no longer express yourself in
any way. We can only hope that we retain the rights which we hold so
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