In chapter 5 a lot of different ideas come out about the beast.

In chapter 5 a lot of different ideas come out about the beast.

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In chapter 5 a lot of different ideas come out about the beast.

Lord of the Flies

In the lord of the flies there where a lot of things happening on the
island but one thing that was mentioned through out the story was the
beast, there where a lot of different sightings and mentioning of it.

The firs time the beast is mentioned is in chapter 2 when a younger
child asks Ralph what he is going to do about the beast, he asks Ralph
through piggy as the child is to scared to say it in front of
everybody. Piggy says to Ralph “He wants to know what you are going to
do about the snake-thing” he the n goes on to say “ the beastie thing
came in the dark”,” in the morning it turned into them things like
ropes in the trees and hung in the branches”. The child seems anxious
to know whether it will return.

Although all this information is coming from a small child and he
might just be making up there is always a possibility that its true so
they cant afford to just laugh it off. Although all this is at the
back of Ralph’s mind he tries to put confidence into the group by
saying “but there isn’t a beastie” the group seems to take Ralph’s
word for it. Then as things start to settle jack jumps up ands says
“Ralph’s right of course but if there was a snake we would hunt and
kill it” this is the best thing to say because it is leaving the minds
open to think that there is a beast and it puts everybody’s minds un
easy again.

In chapter 3 they decide that they need homes for shelter and
security. They all say its in case it rains just to give them some
shelter if need be, and give them somewhere to sleep. At the back of
all there minds is still the beastie so they are doing it for
protection, it will be like there home because everybody feels safe at
home so they are trying to get some security between them selves like

In chapter 5 a lot of different ideas come out about the beast. The
first person to bring it up is jack he says there isn’t no beast and
fear cant hurt you, and all everybody is doing is fearing fear so you
are all a bunch of babies, jack is partly correct in what he says but
he isn’t think like it really is he is just trying to prove that he

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isn’t scared. Piggy then gets hold of the conch and disagrees with
jack in saying “unless we get frightened of people” (page 105) so he
is trying to say that it could just be themselves. Simon takes this a
lot further in saying “maybe its only us” (page 111) so he really
means is that they are the beast, they will eventually do all the
things that they think the beast would do. Phil one of the younger
children said “I saw something among the trees, something big and
horrid” (page 106) yet again this information is coming from a younger
child but they can not dismiss the fact that it may be true, Ralph and
jack try to say he was just dreaming, but the Phil is adamant that he
was awake and its true, they ask if any was out at the time and Simon
owns up to being out saying he wanted to look at something, although
they find out that Simon has been sneaking about it also reinforces
there trust in the younger kids as he wasn’t making it up. After this
information another younger kid named Percival says that “the beast
comes out of the sea” (page 109) then another child named Maurice
backs this up by saying “daddy say they haven’t found all the animals
in the sea yet” (page 109), this is giving good evidence that it could
come from the sea as people may not know that a beast like creature
even exists.

In chapter 6 the children think that they have found the beast, the go
and check it out to see if its true and sure enough there is a dark
figure moving they do not stop to see if it comes after them.

In chapter 7 the decide to go and check it out before they get any
body in a panic, so they wait for daylight and go back. When they see
it in the light it is a lot clearer what it is as they can see the
details it was a dead parachutes that obviously had his plane shot
down and did not survive his escape. So at one point they think they
have found the beast and although its alive they know where it is.
Then when they discover the truth it isn’t the beast so it still
leaves the beast still a myth but maybe the still out there waiting
for them, so it gets them all thinking about the best yet again.
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