Each Mans Son

Each Mans Son

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Each Mans Son

1) Doctor Ainslie’s role in the community is to take care of the injured people of Cape Breton. He works long hours to keep up with the demand of the patients. He is also very much respected by everyone in the community.

Molly thinks that Doctor Ainslie is a very well educated person. She thinks of Dr. Ainslie as a great role model for her son.

2.) Page 27 is saying that whatever the doctor does it is never good enough for him. He is too hard on himself, never being pleased with himself. Doctor Ainslie is hard on the outside but inside he is a very caring person.

3) Dr. Ainslie doesn’t think too highly of Archie. He thinks that Archie is not very smart and that he deserted his family.

4) I believe that Alan is not dependent on his father for everyday life. I do think that Alan is very dependent upon his father for the money of his education but that’s it.

Molly believes that Alan can be a doctor just like Dr. Ainslie. Get his education from the USA and come back to Cape Breton or go far away to help others.

5) He can understand because he was in her position he once was poor where margret was rich her whole life.

Mining effects almost everyone in the town. Miners are very poorly paid so the houses they live in are shared between two families. The men work in the mines all day, go home to get cleaned, eat supper, and then go down to the bar. They come home covered in black coal dust. The younger miners are very cocky and have nothing better to do after work that to pick fights. The middle aged men are very quiet and worn out.

Mining takes a great toll on the workers lives. After working in the mine for a few years they look 10-20 years older then what they should look like. If they survive mining in time for their retirement they are lucky.

A young Newfound lander (20) is brought into the hospital after an accident
The Newfound lander’s hands are badly hurt and bandaged up in clothes
The doctor operates, he cut off 1 hand and a finger
The doctor talks to his friends to find out what had happened
The young man took a bet to see if there were one or two cables running in the colliery

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Dr. Ainslie was in the common room relaxing
He thought about Margaret
He stayed in the common room smoking a pipe
The nurse came in and they briefly talked
Dr. Dougald came in the common room and have a conversation with Dr. Ainslie

Dr. Ainslie dreams back to when he was the age of the patient and all of the things that he did then. He also thinks about what he would have done if he was in the other patients shoes.

1) Dan grew up being poor and had to work very hard to get what he wanted and needed in life. Were as Margaret was born into a rich family and everything she needed or wanted was there for her.

2) Archie is a great fighter - fights too many fights, too fast - his very strong - some people think he will make it to the top of boxing
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