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Sony Corporation

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Sony Corporation

Than fifty years, “Sony”, founded by: Honorary Chairman Akio Morita, has been leading the industry in a number of areas. Sony has changed everyone’s life as we know it. From producing batteries to the new wireless networking system, they are number one. Have you ever wondered who produced the system, they are number one. Have you ever wondered who produced the great games you love to play or the MP3 player you got from your husband? From DVD movies, to digital cameras and camcorders, Sony is leading the world into a new frontier. Electronics, games, music, pictures and insurance are just a few of the side products of the billion-dollar company.

Sony has four products categories as gateways to the networked world: digital TV’s and set-top boxes, VAIO home-use PCs, mobile devices and the best selling of them all is the Playstation 2 (PS2). With all of the new products like the PS2 and, released their sale were still low. Sony consolidated net sales decreased 1.7% and operating income fell 30.9%. However, on a local currency basic, it as a year in which Sony’s businesses performed well. The PS2 went on sale in 2000 and shipped over two million units in less than three months.

The biggest reason for me choosing this company was because of the great products they produce. From Vega’s TV’s to blockbuster motion pictures and all that fall in between, Sony has proven to be a well-rounded company. Sony’s Internet service provider So-Net, which has operated in Japan since 1996, offers some great features like: network-based content and service. In February 2000, Sony established in Japan to conduct marking and sales of Sony products. As a hardware company and a provider of content and services they are number one in many of today’s homes.

At the end of march 2000, the market capitalization of Sony Corporation was ¥13 trillion. This was a big increase form the previous year amount of ¥4.5 trillion. Income before taxes and net income figures for the year included gains of ¥58.7 billion and ¥30.7 billion. Sony’s financial conditions are now strong and remain strong. Total assets increased by ¥508.1 billion, or 81%, this year. It was estimated that the total assets would have increased by approximately 15% compared with the previous year.

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Sony’s stock was at 61 percent at the time of my paper. Investments and advanced by ¥94.9 billion. Sony has taken one more even bigger step to make environmental actives a core element of its management system in order to reduce its impact. Sony makes effort as much as possible to reduce the energy that products consume and the resources used to make them. They also try to avoid using materials with a high environmental impact.

Presently, music distribution service and e-commerce are readily available on the Internet. However, in the broadband network era, reams of data, including images and music, will be smoothly exchanged over high capacity, high-speed communications based on ADSL, cable, fiber optics, digital broadcasting, and many others. Sony has a lot in store for us, and I for one can’t wait to enjoy more of their products and service’s.

On the other side, Sony produces many, of the television show and products that many people don’t know about but have come to love. Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy and their cable channel Game Show Network are just a few. Days of Our Lives and The Young & The Restless remain among the top-ranked shows ever produced by Sony. In Japan they have the animation channels: ANIMAX and action channel AXN along with SKY Perfect TV, which are great money making ventures. They also put out a lot of blockbuster movies like: Spiderman
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