Essay on The View That Bariatric Surgery Should Be Available On The Nhs

Essay on The View That Bariatric Surgery Should Be Available On The Nhs

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Analyse the view that bariatric surgery should be available on the NHS.
This essay is going to analyse the view that bariatric surgery should be available on the NHS. Bariatric surgery more commonly known as weight loss surgery is an operation performed on the stomach or intestines, offering an effective way for people suffering from obesity to lose weight. Obesity is a term used to describe someone who is significantly over weight with high body fat. The most common way to measure a person’s weight is through Body mass index known as BMI. The BMI can give an indication to how over weight a person is. Typically a BMI of 30 – 39.9 BMI is obese and 40 + is classed as severely obese (NHS 2014). The two basic types of bariatric surgery are restrictive surgeries and malabsorptive/restrictive surgeries (Medicine Net 2014). This essay is going to outline the number of people in the UK classed obese and the obesity forecasts for the UK to assess the need for weight loss surgery. It will touch on the health risks that are a result of obesity and in more detail the link between diabetes type 2 and obesity and how diabetes is being used to support the view. It will suggest the health improvement of patients that suffer from type 2 diabetes after receiving bariatric surgery. Economic factors will also be evaluated and it will analyse how this view has been used in support of bariatric surgery.

Obesity is becoming a worldwide epidemic, in the UK alone it is estimated that 1 – 4 adults are classed as obese (NHS 2014), In 2007 the state of the nation’s waistline report made by the national obesity forum predicted that half of the Uk population could be obese by 2050, however they have stated more recently that this has been underestimated and ...

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...the costs of medical treatment due to diabetes. The health benefits are proven to be life changing for obese type 2 diabetic suffers. However it could be argued that the evidence has been used, with the incentive in mind to help curb the costs and decrease the rise in diabetes type 2 more rapidly. It would appear that the main theme surrounding the view that bariatric surgery should be available on the NHS comes down to the costs and economic benefits. The amount of supporting information referring to NHS medical costs, welfare bill and economic factors after bariatric surgery is vast. Therefore concluding that the main view supporting that bariatric should available on the NHS is for economic gain rather than for improving the lives of people suffering from obesity and that obesity prevention is an area that could be vastly improved upon with the sufficient funding

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