Essay on The View Of The Outsider

Essay on The View Of The Outsider

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Have Faith in the Outsider

The acts of categorization, labelling and prejudice is a common habit in a dynamic and closely linked community as it is similarly in towns, cities and countries across the globe. As the generations progress, the perspective involving those who are abnormal or outside of the typical community have changed constantly. Since the early 1500s, women have been accused and exiled in certain countries for being witches. During the 1500s through to the mid-1800s and eventually later in the years of the 1950s-1960s, African-Americans were treated as outsiders. During the years of WWII, those who are Jewish, Polish or of any other ‘odd’ attribute, including homosexuality, was thoroughly rejected. Fortunately today, persecution of those who are different is not a highly severe and frequent practice. In fact, although during the 1900s there were great times of peril for those who were ‘unusual’, hundreds of civilians were beginning to understand that these people were just as successful and content in their lives than the average citizen. In the celebrated novel, Fifth Business, written gloriously by Robertson Davies, the citizens of the small town of Deptford, Ontario, believed peculiar people included priests, circus freaks and magicians. For the open minded main character, Dunstan Ramsay, strange folk including Paul Dempster, Liesl Vitzlipützli, Padre Ignacio Blazon and Joel Surgeoner aid him to avoid the role of fifth business. Primarily, these nominated outsiders come to terms with their past, becoming reborn into who they believe to be. They then find peace in the battle they endure with their conscience as they discover who they are. Finally, the outsiders of Fifth Business demonstrate their appreciation...

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...of the cleverness, intuition and inspiration portrayed by the outcasts of Fifth Business, the odd characters commonly influence, aid and support all those in the society who would listen and accept the outcasts for who they are. Each character has gone through the same cycle of life, however, those of the outside community used their various past experiences to their advantage as they grew older, and implemented that drive in the average citizen. Secondly, they successfully discover who they were, and uses the skills they obtained in doing so to help others to equally identify themselves. Finally, they have realized and grasped ahold of all things in their lives that delivered utmost satisfaction, urging others to do the same. Hence, as one progresses in life, take advantage of everything that is graciously given because one can not evolve through life on their own.

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