Essay about The Vietnam War : Through Both Lenses

Essay about The Vietnam War : Through Both Lenses

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The Vietnam War: Through Both Lenses

The Vietnam War was a tremendously unstable and uncertain time in U.S history. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers from both sides gave their lives for causes they believed in. Although many may seem to have been on vain, the sacrifices made on both sides are equally tragic and unnecessary. If the Vietnam War taught us anything, it is that long, brutal, and unfavorable wars are something to be avoided; and that we, as a species, should take all necessary steps to avoid conflicts escalating into a global struggle.
In Bao Ninh’s Sorrow of War, we get to see an unfiltered view of the Vietnam War through the eyes of a North Vietnamese soldier named Kien. Here, we see the thoughts of the general populous in North Vietnam. Many people had been fighting since the First Indochina War against France in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s. This made the fighting force not only “used” to combat, but quick to denounce any foreign rule or influence in their newly independent country. However, the fighters were not all for the war, Kien talks about how he and ma...

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