The Vietnam War And World War I Essay

The Vietnam War And World War I Essay

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The Vietnam War was a rough time for many soldiers. Memories of home, loved ones, comfort, happiness, a normal life, everything was left behind to do their duties as soldiers. They carried with them many mementos of their life at home; that way they had some kind of life to hang onto to give them the hope and comfort they needed to keep themselves pushing forward. Though, many others have done the same and kept objects to hold onto to remind themselves that there is hope and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Despite the Vietnam War and World War I taking place during different time periods, these two wars are extremely similar because of the way they are presented in history.
For example, one such similar war is World War I. The soldiers in World War I faced many dangers similar to the dangers faced by Vietnam War soldiers. Friends dying in front of them, bombs exploding in their faces, land mines, bullets whizzing by their heads, exhaustion eating away at them. They were plagued by diseases, dirty, sickened, weak, and desperate to go home. They hoped for any kind of a chance for the wars they were fighting to end. They craved an end to their suffering. Alas, it was not the case for many. For those soldiers to keep their sanity and their hope, they carried with them pieces of the life they left behind at home.
In Tim O 'Brien 's “The Things They Carried” the soldiers in this story are told to carry with them pieces of home. For example, Lieutenant Jimmy Cross in O 'Brien 's story carried with him the pictures and letters from the love of his life Martha. “First Lieutenant Jimmy Cross carried letters from a girl named Martha, a junior at Mount Sebastian College in New Jersey. They were not love letters, but Lieuten...

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... In World War I and in the Vietnam War, the soldiers used tools such as guns, medications to keep them calm, first aid kits, melee combat weapons, rations of food, a form of communicating such as walkie talkies, or morse code. Due to the different kinds of terrain that soldiers would be in, different tools would be needed to assist in their survival. In rocky terrain, for example, they might wear heavier and more durable boots to keep being able to trek through the terrain. “When a mission took them to the mountains, they carried mosquito netting, machetes, canvas tarps, and extra bug juice.” In World War I, the soldiers from America traveled over seas to places like Europe, the Middle East, and Asia so that they could go fight in the war. Due to the soldiers having to travel, they needed to take medications in order to not contract diseases from those foreign places.

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