The Vietnam And The Korean War Essay

The Vietnam And The Korean War Essay

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In the 1950s, there was an increases of Americans who spoke out against inequality and injustices during this time. The reason is African Americans had fought against racial discrimination for centuries, however, during the 50’s the struggle against racism and segregation became mainstream in the American life. So, supreme courts began to show racial equality, for example, Brown v. Board of Education, this Supreme Court declared that “separate education facilities for black children were “inherently unequal (“The 1950s”, 2010).” However, at the same time the Civil Rights movement occurred different wars were being fought. The two main wars were the Vietnam and the Korean war. As a group consensus the decision was made to do the Vietnam war because when the veterans came back from the war instead of being received with open arms and commemorated as heroes they were instead treated as villains and called them “baby-killers.” The reason is when media heard about the My Lai Massacre which was a mass killing of unarmed civilians but the soldiers had to follow order but media portrayed them as killers and war they were fighting was not for freedom (“My Lai”, 2016). This motivated the group to make a memorial for the veterans to show they are grateful for the veterans for fighting the war and that society no longer blames them for the war.
Furthermore, as the memorial project progressed as a group the decision was to create a simple Vietnam war memorial. The location is going to behind the school around the lake the reason this location was chosen was because during the war most of the war was primarily fought in the jungle so since the environment around the lake is quite woodsy, it was decided it would represent another feature which ...

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... The total cost of the memorial is going to be around $8, 400 which includes the black granite stones and entrance sign (Smith, 2014).
Additionally, after the dry run the feature Cu Chi trail was taken out which was suppose to be a two feet in length and three wide hole, that represents the trails that were used by the Viet Cong. Though after some deliberation instead the final decision was to engrave an outline of North and South Vietnam and the U.S to show which countries participated in the war. As a group since there was only two members which were Alex Wooten and Alicia Enriquez the work was distributed evenly. Also, after the being able to talk to some of the veterans who came to the class as group the decision was not to use the flag because it requires a lot of research to create and if the group designs the flag wrong than it can easily offend the veterans.

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