Videogames Are A Form Of Digital Narrative And Storytelling Essay

Videogames Are A Form Of Digital Narrative And Storytelling Essay

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Videogames are a form of digital narrative and storytelling that has grown in popularity, accessibility, and supply, offering a range of diverse and intricate constructions of thematic exploration. As videogames continue to expand in their demographic reach, their comprehensive storytelling, and thematic analysis, students are becoming increasingly familiar and engaged with these forms of text as opposed to more traditional form of reading such as books (Golden 2001). This where mass debate on the inclusion of videogames in the English curriculum germinates: does English teach students what is literature, or do students teach English what is literature? There are primarily two schools of thought in the debate surrounding the place videogames have in regards to English teaching in secondary schools – those who oppose and those who advocate. Kress (2000) notes the conflict teachers face in a growingly digitised society:
Teachers must skilfully navigate the relationship between past, present and future forms of text and knowledge and the ways they are valued, with respect to form and content; curriculum, pedagogy and assessment. While radical change surrounds us, within such a context, what remains constant is the fundamental aim of all serious education: to provide those skills, knowledges, aptitudes and dispositions which would allow the young who are experiencing that curriculum to lead productive lives in the societies of their adult periods (Kress, 2000)
TALK ABOUT OLD KRESS and how times have changing attitudes of time form new millieum . English education shapes itself to the needs of society, for once books were the acme of English education, but are now equally as rivalled by the inclusion of film study (Golden 2001; Walsh ...

... middle of paper ... type of texts are ‘worthy’ of study in English. Thus meaning that the digital literacies of both the teacher and students will grow in expectation, that schools will be mandated to upkeep technological resources, and that a new mode of textual analysis, evaluation, and study will arise that mirrors precisely that of the addition of the study of film within the English domain. The teaching of videogames within the English domain is highly inevitable, because as it increasingly becomes the dominant form of ‘reading’ in the lives of secondary students, English will be expected to teach to it. Henceforth, this means that English does not dictate what texts students study, but students dictate what texts English studies, all in the very same vain as when film became the prominent form of ‘reading’ and slowly found its way permanently on every English curriculum today.

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