Essay on Video On Direct Instruction For Students

Essay on Video On Direct Instruction For Students

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In this video on Direct Instruction, the teacher calls out a number and the students respond with the word answer that is associated with the number. The students do not answer however until the teacher give a signal like tapping on her pad, desk or board. The teachers also do an individual checkout where a student might read a particular passage while the teacher follows along and times it. The teacher then praises the student on their progress. This is considered a good program because children are not competing against others and they are more aware of what they are doing. Kids are not all on the same level so this program separates them based on their levels but they are all working together at the same pace. In this program, children seem to stay attentive and enjoy learning.

2. What did you like and not like about the instruction shown in the video? Why?

I like the fact that even though the kids might be at different levels they still work together and at the same pace. Separating kids because they might not be as developed as others will tend to give them a complex that they cannot achieve like other kids can. One thing I did not like about this style was that the teaching just seems to be repetitious. The teacher calls out something and the students respond with the answer.

Video 2: Sudbury Valley School Approach

1. Provide a summary for the video (minimum 100 words).

In this video, students have the freedom to explore whatever they wish in their education. This video followed a student through his time at this school. In his first year he spent his school time playing video games with other students who shared this interest. All were intensely involved ...

... middle of paper ...

...acher does or what the school provides. I believe that these two things are very important in the education process of each student.

Lastly, write about what you have learned overall from these videos in a paragraph.

Each of these videos bring interesting things about the education of our children to light. One thing that I gather from these videos is that there is no cookie cutter method of teaching or learning for every student that sits in a classroom. Just as the methods are unique, so is each and every student that we will have the pleasure of teaching during our span as a teacher. I believe that we have to find that method that works best for each student and we need to make sure that we are reaching each student and bringing them from one level of education to the next in order to prepare them for their future. It 's not about us, it 's about the student!

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