Video Games Vs. Modern Games Essay example

Video Games Vs. Modern Games Essay example

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As video games have become more common in recent years, especially for entertainment value of the younger generations, it seems to have the conflict of differences and which ones are better. Look at the comparison of older video games that were played in the late 60’s, 70’s and 80’s that are referred to as Generation I games versus the newer video games that are played in the late 90’s to current date that are referred to as Generation II and III video games.
First let’s look at the older games. Generation I video games classify as some of the first original console games produced such as Atari, the original Nintendo 's, and arcade style games. These games had more basic concepts in skill in reaction and had very basic graphics, but were fun and had skill building concepts that as you completed one level you progressed to the next level. This required the player to have more skill, faster responses and reflexes. As well as previous knowledge of other levels. In the game the player had to progress through playing progressively harder enemies, and if the character died you had to start back at the very beginning. Many older games involved primitive stick figures and Mundane "blip" sounds. Controllers were very basic with a singular joystick and maybe up to two buttons. They were flat or squared off, bulky and had very little appeal except it got the basic job done. These video games were cleanin content. Steering clear of language, sexual innuendos, and extreme violence. But yet basic and kept you occupied for minutes to hours. Its primitive components paved the way for further possibilities in graphics that contribute in a rapidly growing industry today.
Newer generation video games have graphics that are much more detailed. They...

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...ration I video games without caring if they look old or not. Most of it comes down to content over style for some. Every age has its jewels, its masterpieces and its failures. The older games are no exception. Though nostalgia may see things as rosy, for every classic “back in the day” game, there are multiple really bad games new or old. Classics nowadays are not lacking and it’s foreseeable that in the future gamers will be looking back at current games the same way as 80’s gamers are now. Maybe that is the reason that many game companies are frequently offering some of the older classic games on the newer platforms.
So I come to the conclusion that mostly it depends on the individual. Every one of us are different, and are willing to accept things on a different scale. Which one are you? Classic early games, or the new high graphics action packed kind of person?

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