Video Game's Violent Effect on Youth Essay

Video Game's Violent Effect on Youth Essay

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Imagine this you’re a parent reading quietly in a room, then you hear shouting and stop coming from your child’s room. You normally well behaved child is screaming and shouting after losing a games in call of duty, and you are wondering why he is acting like this. What you might not realize is that it could be the violent video game affecting his behavior. The effects of violent video games in youth have devastating effects on them. These effects can range from violent behavior to acting out in school, and even possibly maybe even crime. The games you kids play could be more violent then you even know. Call of Duty, one of the leading first person shooter games, is all about war, and killing the enemy. Grand Theft Auto, is a big seller among teens, is a game all about gangs and crime. Parents might not always read the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) which show what kind of martial are contained in the game such as: drug use, Violence, Sexual references, etc.
To understand violent video games we need to know how video games started. Video games original started out as very heavy and very expensive machine. These machine go back to 1948 and were called Cathode-Ray Tube Amusement Devices (A Brief History of Video Games (Part I)). In 1972 Ralph Bear also known as the the “father of video games” invented a game console called the Odyssey (A Brief History of Video Games (Part I)). This system could was designed so that people could play video games on their Television. Also n 1972 Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney founded Atari and created the arcade game pong; which in 1974 was made into a home version (A Brief History of Video Games (Part I)). Later other companies came to be and they brought games like Pac-man and Donkey Kong....

... middle of paper ... what age group that game is for. Do not be irresponsible because violent video games can cause child to become violent.

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