Essay on Video Games Supply People With A Way For Entertain Themselves

Essay on Video Games Supply People With A Way For Entertain Themselves

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Many video games supply people with a way to entertain themselves. One game for example is National Basketball Association 2k17 (NBA 2k17). Although it is a popular game, many are uninformed of its many advantages. Some find that NBA 2k17 is just another way to earn money and persuade consumers into buying their product. However, playing the game of NBA can help improve one’s skill and knowledge about the game of basketball.
In the game NBA 2k17, there is a game mode called My Player. My player game mode allows the gamer to choose his position and play as a virtual player. The objective of this game mode is for the gamer to become a pro, while starting as a recruit. In this game mode, the camera is set to a first-person point of view. This makes the gamer feel as though they are actually in the game and playing on a NBA court. A first-person point of view simulates real-life situations, which allows the gamer to know when to shoot, pass, or dribble the basketball in reality. Completing the first-person point of view tutorials accurately can help the gamer gain insight on how the gam...

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