Video Games For Education : Why They Should Be Used And How They Are Being Used

Video Games For Education : Why They Should Be Used And How They Are Being Used

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Annetta, Leonard A. “Video Games in Education: Why They Should Be Used and How They Are Being Used.” Theory Into Practice 47.3 (2008): 229–239. Print.
This academic journal depicts the potentials of using video games in education by exploring the ways that video games can benefit students and by discussing the ways that a school can use video games to provide effective teaching to students. The author theorize that video games that are used for educational purpose can help students to improve various academic skills such as logic, memory, problem solving, and critical thinking. Next the author proposes the ways of using video games for teaching and learning course materials, such as using online games to provide a virtual learning environment for a quality distance-learning platform or using the storylines of a game to emphasize the theme of a unit. Overall, this academic journal provides a good point in supporting the use of video games for education by showing the possible ways that video games can revolutionize student’s learning experience in school.

Ferguson, Christopher J. “Does Movie or Video Game Violence Predict Societal Violence? It Depends on What You Look at and When.” Journal of Communication 65.1 (2015): 193–212. Wiley Online Library. Web.
This academic journals examines the association of the rated movie violence and video violence to the rates of societal violence. Through analyzing the frequency of violence in movies and in video games overtime, and compare it to the rate of homicide and youth violence, the author concludes that in the late 20th century, both movie violence and video game violence actually contributes to the decline of societal violence rate. The finding from this academic journal seem to contrad...

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...nderstand the ways that video games can change the students’ learning environment by observing teacher and student experiences with the use of video games for in-class teaching and learning. By conducting a case study in a high school history class where video game is being used to teach lessons, the author found that the use of video games for teaching provides a student-centered learning environment that allows students to be more engaged in learning class materials. The case study captures the live experience of the teacher and students using video games to increase learning engagements, which provides an objective evidence in supporting the use of video games in education. However, this study is limited on the fact that it only focuses on one particular class, it is uncertain on how the benefits of using video games for teaching will be shown in other classrooms.

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