Essay on Video Games Effects On Mental Health

Essay on Video Games Effects On Mental Health

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Video games are not considered as a serious addiction amongst teenagers and adults, often being compared to severe cases of addiction, such as drug abuse or alcohol abuse that may result in the appearance of a decrease in the severity of the addiction. However, video game addiction is a serious matter and has unhealthy consequences for an individual 's life and their health; spending too much time playing video games can take a great toll on one 's physical and mental well-being. Continuing unhealthy patterns of video game activity for prolonged periods of time can result in mental health issues, physical health problems, and a decline in a social life.
A popular case of the effect video games have on an individual 's mental health is the death of a 17 month old child who was killed by her father, Tyrone Spellman, for breaking his Xbox. He was a "devotee of Xbox video games" (Matza), and upon his daughter accidentally pulling the cords out of the wall, instead of "ensuring her safety or just fix things and move on, Spellman cracked her skull repeatedly, killing her" (Criminal Justice Degrees Guide). Another case of unstable mental health is the death of Zhu Caoyuan, who was killed by Qiu Chengwei for selling an in game item that he borrowed from his murderer. The item was worth 1116 CAD, and due to it being an online item the weapon didn 't count as property that could be protected by the law, resulting in no compensation for Qiu 's loss and his motive to kill Zhu. Each of these cases show impaired judgment towards rational thinking and impulsive apoplectic rage induced behavior. In a study regarding the future of a child 's mental health after becoming addicted to video games, a doctor states, "in the most severe cases, kids dr...

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...addiction, the suicide of Shawn Woolley. Shawn was addicted to an online game and became greatly upset over an incident that happened while he was playing, and committed suicide at his computer desk by shooting himself.
Although not everyone may become addicted to video games, it is a wise idea to add limitations to each game that is being played to help reduce the amount of people who do become addicted, and to help stop the addiction before it becomes a problem. Waiting until individuals become mentally unstable from endless hours of playing games, putting their bodies through physical stress that can lead to trips to the hospital, and ruining their social lives as a result of too much gaming is a clear sign that they 've already gone too far. Video game addictions are just as serious as any other addiction, and can seriously damage an individual 's life forever.

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