Essay about Video Games Cause Youth Violence

Essay about Video Games Cause Youth Violence

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During these past few decades, technology has advanced drastically, especially in the aspects of gaming. At one point in history video games could only be playable at home, but now with all these improvements in technology, games can be easily played on our mobile devices. Likewise, these advancements in gaming have created endless possibilities for people of all ages to participate in this activity. Consequently, video games have influenced society and have impacted us in various ways.
Though many people have come to believe that there is a link between video games and violence in the real world, this has yet to be proven. Many people have begun to associate the violence in society with video games. Some people believe that violent video games cause youth to engage in real violence. According to an article by Kristin Bezio, an author who writes for the Canadian Press, there have been various reports in regards to the Sandy Hook shooter that have documented that he played violent video games such as Call of Duty and Counterstrike. Both games are considered violent as they involve gruesome scenes and have the player shoot other players. Some of these reports cited this as a probable cause for his shooting massacre. Bezio states that the shooter was only one of millions who play these type of games and that of these million players, only a few commit an act of violence which isn’t statistically sufficient to say that video games cause violent behavior. Additionally, Christopher J. Ferguson, a psychologist at Texas A&M International University, explains that among hundreds of studies on video games and violence, none have proven a relationship between violent behaviors in the real world and violent video game play (Bezio). In fact, w...

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... find a lack of evidence to support these accusations. Not only has video games affected our outlook on violence, but also affected the way children behave. Researchers believe that the increase in aggressive behavior in children has to do with the violent games they play. While some researchers have this ideology that is backed up with their research, others believe it does the opposite. Scientists have become aware that if gamers play action games, their cognitive skills improve. With having more than half of the American population playing video games, multiple movies have become based off video games as a way to attract this audience and increase the popularity of movie industries. Thus, society will continue to be influenced by video games because it has become part of our lifestyle and with the advancement in technology, the influence will only become greater.

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