Video Games Cause Aggression And Violence Essay

Video Games Cause Aggression And Violence Essay

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Imagine a group of teens going downstairs to go play the new Super Smash Bros., a game in which you pick your favorite Nintendo character from over the years, and battle your friends on a island in the ocean, or outside of a majestic palace in the clouds with power-ups. This may seem like just any other common scene, but inside this activity a whole new mindset is arising on the surface that can change the current belief that video games are a waste of time, it doesn’t help you learn, and that it leads to aggression and violence that can jeopardize our society in the future. Even though video games can cause aggression and violence that can lead to concerns in parents and teachers alike, the arguments against video games have been proven unreliable and video games can be good for you helping players with strategy and hand-eye coordination.
Folks against video games link it to increased aggression arguing that it “desensitizes kids to violence,” (Issues & Controversies 1) which lead to events like school shootings. Forbes Magazine reported that Ander Breivik, the Norwegian who shot 69 people at a youth camp in 2011, used the video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 as a simulator to help him practice shooting people (Issues & Controversies 1). However, the fact-of-the-matter is that negative conclusions about video games are not reliable. This is because the researching of technology has been proven inaccurate. Christopher Ferguson, a psychology professor at Florida 's Stetson University, says that “Studies that aim to find negative effects get funded and promoted, while those with more benign findings are unpublished and forgotten” (Keilman 2). He thinks that 's because “ When a new generation of scholars more familiar with the...

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... In February of 2013, Italian researches from the University of Padua presented evidence that fast-action games can improve the reading skills of children with dyslexia. After 1 group of kids aged 7-13 played a fast-action game while the other played a low tempo game, the first group of kids read much more faster and accurately when skills were tested (Guarini 3). But these two are some of benefits of video games as it relates to one’s health. So, it’s safe to say that video games can really improve one’s health.

Video games have been in the shadow of controversy, as to wether they are bad for you or good for you. But with arguments being unreliable and that your life is significantly improved, video games can actually be good for you. The skills that you learn while playing can be taken with you in the future where they will beneficial to you and the real world.

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