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Video Games And Violence Video games have gotten a lot of negative attention in the media as a scapegoat for what is wrong with children. Are video games really as bad as they are made out to be? Alice Park, writer of “Little By Little, Violent Video Games Make Us More Aggressive” published on, believes that video games are making people more aggressive. But within her article there are many flaws with her arguments; it makes a poor attempt to blame video games for events like the columbine shooting, racism, and hostile behavior. Park makes poor unsupported claims about the quantity and quality of games being played by children and the effects these games are having on them. The authors research is hard to follow at many points. Three of the main arguments in the article supporting her point of view do not have any source material referenced. Park makes unsupported claims about the number of kids that play games and the types of games that are being played. She also heavily talks about the research done by Craig Anderson, on the efects video games have on hostility in children, without linking to the article she is referring to or citing the work in any way. She also talks about brain imaging studies done on undergraduates but does not explain where the evidence came from or give any additional information that would allow us to locate the study. Park also fills her Time article with irrelevant information in what seems a desperate attempt to make her claims appear supported. At one point she links to an article claiming it is part of a “growing body of research” that proves video games make kids violent but it is actually about movie and tv violence with no mention of video games. She also links to an article ... ... middle of paper ... the brain imaging study. The idea that there is a link between the amount of video game someone plays and their violent tendencies is unfounded. Any link that may exist is not one of cause and effect but rather one of coincidence. A study showing a drop in areas of the brain associated with emotion and attention suggest a person would be timid or uninvolved rather than angry and hostile. Statistically there is no correlation between violent crimes and how much a person plays video games. Regardless of all the evidence contrary to the belief that video games create poor behavior in children or people in general there are always a few people that are looking for a scapegoat. The fact is that videogames are not all made for children, having grown up with games many adults continue to play and it is the parents responsibility to teach their kids right from wrong.

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