Video Games And The Video Game

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Introduction Through the years gaming consoles and video game graphics have evolved, including the violence depicted in these games. Modern day video games are divided by genres of role-playing, first person shooter or sandbox games that involve their various types of violence. Often these video games make people feel that they are not in reality. Somehow the game they are playing immerse them into their virtual reality. Sometimes when a person is too immersed in a game, they may take it seriously and begin to get frustrated that may lead them to become aggressive verbally and physically. Due to their aggressiveness they might throw the controller at the television, flip a table or yell offensive words on the gaming microphone, because they didn’t get the mission right. Arguably, the media do put a lot of effort to make consumers buy these violent video games, for example the creators make Hollywood style trailers that will hype teenage boys and girls to buy these video games due to its realistic nature. According to Happ, Melzer and Steffgan (2013) they say that violence does make video games appealing, but when these violent video games identify with the gamers it will lead to lack of empathy. When a gamer identifies themselves with an evil character in a game, it can also cause immersion because the person might feel that if the evil character can be powerful and defeat the weaker then the person would feel the same way, which may lead to different types of aggression. In many psychological research, the controversial topic of the correlation between video games and aggression is very common among psychology and general people in which they only focus on the cognitive aspects of aggression, but few researchers have done an e... ... middle of paper ... ...ion, but the type of controllers that is used can cause negative effects on aggression when it comes to violent video games. The type of controller that caused a lot of controversies among research was the PlayStation move sharp shooter controller, which is the PlayStation move wand placed on a replica gun. As stated in McGloin, Farrar & Fishlock (2015) this type of controller was used for the game Time Crisis 4 which the gun controller highly correlated with aggression due to the realistic nature of the game. Conclusion In conclusion, even though there is positive information regarding video games, still today there are still arguments as to whether violent video games make a person more aggressive. Considering the studies in this review, they all connect with immersion, aggression and use the latest technology including the negative effects of violent video games.

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