Video Games And The Increase Of Prosocial Behavior Essay

Video Games And The Increase Of Prosocial Behavior Essay

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While researchers try to connect video games and violence, one might not see the positive attributes a game can bring. Alan Gershenfeld mentions, "there is a gap between video games and video games may have positive attributes , if people pass beyond the fear of the media.(Gershenfeld 54 ) He was able to provide a study where he compared the crime rates from the two countries where video games are sold at a high rate, Japan and South Korea. These are avid consumer of video games and yet they have the lowest crime rate. Gershenfeld states that there are plenty of video games with educational purposes. (Gershenfeld 57) One game in particular is Minecraft. Minecraft is a game where the concept is the players must express their creativity and the game is endless. Although, as Minecraft is not a violent game that does not mean there will not be any violent consequences as well but violence is difficult to measure. Another positive contribution video games give to gamers is the increase of prosocial behavior. Tobias Greitemeyer states, video games have a possibility of making gamers aggressive but if used properly it can increase prosocial behaviors. With the increase of online multiplayer games , players are recommended to talk to one another to reach a similar goal. Greitmeyer conducted a study where a group of teens played a game where they would play be against each other than they will play in a team. When the teens were going against each other they were told to write down their thoughts , which were more aggressive than the moment when they were as teams. (Gretemeyer). There was no type of aggression when paired up in teams and when asked to write down their thoughts , there were more positive and prosocial thoughts. At the ...

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...n of video games lead to some researchers to believe that video games cause the player to perform violent action in the real world. So far there has not been any direct connection of violence and video games because there is measuring violence and aggression is difficult as there are many factors. Then there are rating systems to prevent these problems anyway , but many people ignore it then blame the video game companies for the explicit content being released. Then there also the limitations of video games technology , even if the graphics of a game are realistic , it does not change the fact that the game is still on a limited screen . Instead of questioning whether or not video games cause violence people should look at the positivity it is able to provide with it 's prosocial activities , open world of creativity and poetry of games like Minecraft and Flowers

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