Essay on Video Games And The Gaming Industry

Essay on Video Games And The Gaming Industry

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Every gaming device has a unique feature that attracts a certain group of gamers. Those who prefer social play and value convenience will choose a console, while the gamers who like better performance and graphics will continue to use their computers. Neither system is better, but it depends on the preferences of gamers.

Half of gamers prefer to play video games on computers and the other half choose gaming consoles over their personal computers. Today, it is the biggest subject of dispute between all gamers. The gaming industry has become popular, starting in the 1980s and has only gained momentum since that time. Back then, the personal computer was the only device you could use to play video games. The first console was released on the world market at the beginning of the 1990s and it made a big change in the gaming industry. Gaming consoles instantly gained popularity and became an alternative device for gaming and competition with personal computers in the gaming market. Today, we have plenty of consoles to choose from, with the most popular ones being Microsoft XBOX, Sony Playstation, and the Nintendo Wii. There are also lots of handheld consoles, such as PlayStation Vita, which are slightly more limited, but with an advantage of being portable.
A few years ago all of the game-making companies were making games available for all of the gaming devices in order to sell more copies of the game. In 2008 consoles became more popular, when Sony released PlayStation 3, and Microsoft released XBOX 360. Back then, gaming piracy was the big problem for game-making companies and some of the companies, such as Rockstar and EA Sports, lost a lot of profits. Therefore, most of the game-making companies started releasing games earlie...

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...erms of its performance and graphics on the computer. There are a lot of game settings available for users; therefore, they can adjust graphics and resolution in order to get the best image in the game. Users are able to connect all kinds of input devices, such as a steering wheel and touchpad which make the game seem more realistic. Games are cheaper for the personal computer, and if the game is outdated users might be able to download it for free. There are lots of popular online games, such as Dota 2, Counter-Strike, and World of Warcraft that were only released for personal computers. All of the cyber sport tournaments are played on the personal computers. The most popular cyber sport tournament is "The International"
Spencer, Phil. "Xbox Interview: Phil Spencer on Halo, the Future of VR, and Being Nice." Interview. Game Spot. Randolph Ramsay, 23 Sept. 2015. Web.

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