Video Games And Its Impact On The Gaming Industry Essay

Video Games And Its Impact On The Gaming Industry Essay

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Gamers, designers, developers, marketers, feminists, parents, researchers, government, media, and distributors would all stakeholders related to the gaming industry. The most impacted by the issue would be for the designers. If the gamers do not like the characters then unfortunately the designers must reconstruct their design quickly, if not, then the gamers will find another company to play with. Gamers are perhaps the most vital investors in the firm´s existence. Gamers are the ones that play video games, whether they buy it themselves or not. Gamers are the ones actually exposed to the substances exclusive in the game.

It is truly unethical to release a game that you know will not function just to gain more income. This act is not legal but this is a crime in terms of morals. This is similar to assisting a customer with their car, the battery is the clear issue that is causing the car to not to operate but instead you insist that the alternator is the problem. This is causing the customer to be confused into spending money not needed to fix the problem just for the mechanic to gain more income. On the other hand, the purpose of business is to gain more revenue by selling the consumer products and services. If the customer buys the product this is the choice of the consumer not the company so, it is up to the consumer to be aware of the tricks of the industries and be a smart buyer.

This action is very important and sufficient to the consumer. If you make an accident at work it is your job to try to fix it. Similarly if you create a damage game hopefully the moral of the company kicks in and try to create a remedy for the customers who suffered. More importantly, if the customer is not happy you are out of business so,...

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...onsumer for a higher price. Although businesses usually say that their main goal is to provide customer satisfaction, probably their main goal is to make money. For instance, if customers could not provide any money to the business the companies will not consider the customer with high value like they do today. So if the companies could create a product that a consumer will buy whether it is defective or not, then they will. This situation, increases steadily in the technology sector with software that is bought at a high price and does not perform at this the level it should. For example, the Kerberos number generator that was created in 1988 failed because the developers did not properly seed the program random number generator with a random seed, which for 8 years allowed the possibility of breaking easily into any computer that contains this security software.

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