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Video Games And Its Effects Essay

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Video games have completely changed childhoods of many children across the globe. A video game involves visual feedback from a TV or computer monitor. Ever since the 1970s, video games have continuously improved by improving the graphics and sound. During the 1970s, there were many arcade games that were not advanced compared to today’s games. By 2016, video games are produced in three-dimensional imaging and are incredibly realistic. For example, Madden 2016 is a football game based on all the athletes in the National Football League. The graphics from Madden 2000 to Madden 2016, have improved drastically due to technology. Therefore, video game creators make billons of dollars by selling them to individuals across the world. However, there is a huge concern regarding video games because kids and adults are playing these games at increasingly high levels. As a result, it raises the question whether playing video games excessively is an addiction or not. There are arguments that are made that correlate addiction with video games; however, there is no such addiction. There is no such addiction due to external issues, personal issues and flawed case studies.
According to Aviv Weinstein (2010), from the American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, “Computer game addiction is excessive or compulsive use of computer and video games that may interfere with daily life” (p. 1). A survey done to measure the negative relationship between video games and addiction involved kids from the age of 13 to 17 (Brunborg, G. S., Mentzoni, R. A., & Frøyland, L. R., 2014). To no surprise, there was a relationship between depression, low academic achievement, conduct problems and video games. However, the study concluded that spending time playing video...

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... stated that video game addiction correlates with depression, laziness and social isolation. Overall, the bigger issuer is that kids are replacing their free time with video games. Instead of going out and making friends, kids are playing games on their phones, televisions and hand held devices instead of socializing. As technology continues to enhance, parents and the media will continue to cry out to organizations that are able to fund case studies. Then, the case studies will conclude that there is a correlation because there are signs of depression or anti-socialism in the variables. Eventually, this made up addiction will be classified as an addiction because of the public outcry. What mainly needs to be monitored is if the individuals, who are excessively playing, have a different issue unrelated to video games and what technology is actually doing to society.

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