Video Games And Its Effects On Children

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Video games have a negative stigma similar to drug abuse, playing too much video games is bad for one 's health, and doing drugs is bad for one 's health. Both video games and drug abuse come with negative health issues, but video games have benefits, both mental and physical. In modern studies, video games have been known to help the players mentally and physically. However, The amount of video game playing and how much one benefits from playing video games reflect the Chinese philosophy of Taoism, or Daoism, which can change video game 's negative stigma. The Chinese philosophy, Toaism is “when human nature is aligned with the rest of nature, order and harmony are the result” (Hardy 1). Similar to Toaism, playing video games should be balanced with maintaining one 's health. Studies have shown that excessive video game playing has lead to addiction to video games. Addiction to video games puts the victim in a loop of despair where playing more video games mentally incapacitates the player, and not playing video games at all induces withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety and anger, and loss of concentration. There has to be a balance where playing a video game allows the player to leave with knowledge, and not enough to have the player become addicted to the video game. With the negative stigma against video game playing such as excessive video game playing leading to addiction and video games negatively affecting one 's health, Video games should be played moderately, and attentively, because video games offer players mental and physical perks. Toaism is the Chinese philosophy that describes the relationship between the human and nature. When human and nature are aligned then harmony is achieved. When human and nature are not ali... ... middle of paper ... players were addicted to video games that were intended for scholastic learning, then video game players could go beyond the educational system 's curriculum and become scholars themselves. However, even if scholastic video games were played at a moderate level then video games would still help increase the mental health of it 's players. As stated in Skoric 's article, “While addiction can pose significant problems to children’s lives by affecting their academic performance, children who are simply highly engaged with video games are unlikely to develop negative consequences” (Skoric 4). According to Skoric, if video game players were highly engaged with the video game, then they are not likely to develop negative consequences that come from excessive video game playing such as addiction. Taoism would promote the scholastic video games because playing scholastic

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