Essay on Video Games Affect Our Standards Of Beauty

Essay on Video Games Affect Our Standards Of Beauty

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As the popularity of video games has increased, the profile of the gamer has shifted, reflecting the wider variety of consumers that play video games today. Many video game developers are male, and when making a game they only have the male attention in mind and what appeals to their audience. When making games that appeal to men, women are often portrayed as overtly sexual and subordinate. The image that comes to mind when picturing a video gamer should no longer be an adolescent, or even teenage, boy, as women and adults are playing games in greater numbers (Behm-Morawitz & Mastro, 2009) Many studies have been carried out on violent video games and aggression but the other content (sexualization of women) has been overlooked. Video games affects our standards of beauty, perpetuates gender stereotypes, and how women are portrayed in video games.
Video games and beauty
Video games are a part of the mass media and helps shape these unrealistic views of women in the real world. Video games affect our perception and standards of the real world by handing us these unreal beauty standards. This is important because many children (male and female) play these video games which has an effect on their own standard of beauty and moral values (Soukup, 2007). This in turn shapes how we view women as beautiful or “ugly” because of the representation we see from video games. According to Behm-Morawitz & Mastro (2009), video game portrayals of the female body may be used to help form an individual’s social and moral standards about gender appropriate dress, ideal female body-type, and even evaluations of female (self) worth. ...

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...ight their roles in generating gender roles and stereotypes greatly enlarge. From the beginning of this paper you can see the different ways in how video games enforce unattainable beauty standards in both men and women. We have also seen how these unreal standards of beauty can lower a woman 's self-esteem because these ideas are constantly reinforced. Now that women are starting to play video games, there should be a push to create roles for women where they are leading roles and protagonists. For example, Lara Croft, she is the perfect example for a leading woman that isn 't overtly sexual and wearing skin tight clothes (most recent video game). Since the number of women who play these video games continue to grow, video game creators will need to change the way women are portrayed and ultimately change the way gender roles are perpetuated in these games.

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