Video Games : A Waste Of Time, And A Distraction Essay

Video Games : A Waste Of Time, And A Distraction Essay

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Video game have been claimed as addictive, a waste of time, and a distraction. While this does apply to some people, others have found the benefits to playing video games. These benefits include simulating working environments, helping people escape working environments, and giving great experiences. Although these benefits seems to be beneficial, it still stands that video games are a waste of time in which other things can be more productive.
How does a video game, an object designed to have fun, simulate a working environment? Video games are programs so that they give the player something to do. These things are limited to what the creators of the game programmed the game to do (Poole). For example, let’s say you’re playing a game about an adventurer who has to find hidden treasure, or a soldier fighting a war. The game is created so that the player explores these objectives. However, the player is not allowed to go out of these boundaries. It is very likely that these types of games does not have a feature where you can start flying away at a press of a button, or leave the adventure or the war. It’s not like the creators created a civilian city for the adventurer or the soldier to live a normal life for. Imagine Toad tells Mario that Princess Peach has been captured yet again, and Mario has the option to back out of it. This ties in with working because at work, the employee is given a set of boundaries. A cashier at McDonald 's is supposed to take your order. An adventurer has to go on an adventure. A soldier has to fight the war. The cashier would not continue their job if they’re were doing something else. The game will not continue until the player does what the game is programmed to do. When the cashier does their job,...

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...’t have to dress in formal clothing to play a video game. Exercising doing a task with quality in a certain amount of time can be practiced outside of games. A good example is homework. Homework requires to do the task with quality to get a good grade, and is assigned with a deadline in mind.
Although gaming simulates world economies, there are several factors that can affect the economy in which can’t be troubled. If too much of something floods the economy, the creators of the game can balance that with a few keystrokes. If too much of something is placed in the economy, years can go by before it is balanced out, and artificially trying to change that is a large societal effort.
Games do have benefits. But these benefits can be found out in doing other things. These things provide the benefits game provides and other benefits that can be useful in the real world.

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