Essay about Victoria's New Defense to Homicide Laws

Essay about Victoria's New Defense to Homicide Laws

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Since the abolishment of provocation, Victoria’s defensive homicide laws have been viewed as more equal and accessible. Although they are criticized in some aspects, the defensive homicide laws that New South Wales hold are viewed as outdated and gender-bias, therefore leading to the conclusion that Victoria should retain its current law, instead of favoring that in NSW.

Prior to 2005, Victoria and NSW shared similar defences to homicide, including that of provocation. However, due to the highly contentious nature of provocation, it was abolished in Victoria through the introduction of the Crimes (Homicide) Act (amendment the Crimes Act ), which introduced a new defense of self-defense, and created a new offence, defensive homicide .
A Defences in Victoria: Prior to 2005
1 Provocation
Provocation existed under common law in Victoria until 2005, as a partial defence to murder. Under this principle, if the accused had fulfilled all of the elements of murder

but presented a reasonable possibility that they had been ‘provoked’, they would be convicted of manslaughter instead . Provocation could only operate in a case if the defendant’s intention to kill was not pre-meditated; intention cannot have been formed before the provocative incident .
For provocation to be found, the jury needed to be satisfied that the following three requirements had been met :
1) there must be sufficient evidence of provocative conduct;
2) the accused must have lost self-control as a result of the provocation;
3) the provocation must be such that it was capable of causing an ordinary person to lose self-control and act in a manner which would encompass the actions of the accused ...

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