Essay on Victorian Poet: Elizabeth Browning

Essay on Victorian Poet: Elizabeth Browning

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Research paper on Elizabeth Barrett Brownings
It is said that Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s was one of the most prominent
English poets of the Victorian era. She is my inspired Juliet. She was known throughout Britain
and the United States for her poetry. She wrote many poems that were based on expressing her
undeniable heart and soul to special individuals in her life yet can also be looked at as a
religious theme. Browning’s love sonnets were inspired form figures from those of William
Wordsworth, Mary R. Mitford, Samuel T. Coleridge and a few others. Her first collection was
The Seraphim in 1838. The word Seraphim is considered a superior heavenly being, translation
yields Seraphs. From this poem she writes, such glory rest upon thee, our Goethe’s changed
friend! For the earths, that cometh to an end”. (lines73-75). This marks that she is a religious
female. Using the lines Elizabeth states in her poem from above, they are translated from the hub
Bible 2 Peter3:10 in these words, “ But the day of the lord will come like a thief. The heavens
will disappear with a roar: the elements will be destroyed by the fire, and the earth and
everything done in it will be laid bare.” Those words will get you to thinking that if you are not
into religious beliefs, now should I be.

Her history of growing up Elizabeth, was their first daughter born in 1806 of
twleve. Eight boys and four girls, all which had nick names. Elizabeth nick name was “Ba”. At
six years old she was reading novels, she was also called the poet laureate from her father. While
she was homed schooled at Hope End, an estate her father bought, and she loved reading on history
and literature. This all inspired her to write “Aurora Leigh”...

... middle of paper ...

...t work was a
musical instrument. She passed June 29, 1861 after suffering with her health issues from young
while her husband held her in this arms. No matter, her poems
were masterpieces which has inspired many others to write, whether it is on love which is
stepping into her world, on politics or just plan having self-confidence. After researching on
Elizabeth this was really enjoyable. Her art work, yes her art work because it gives me a vivid
imagination as I read her piece.

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