The Victorian Er An Era Of British History Essay

The Victorian Er An Era Of British History Essay

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The Victorian Era was an era of British history that started from Queen Victoria 's inauguration from June 20 1837 to her death on January 22 1901. During Victorian Britain, human development and industrialization from the industrial revolution skyrocketed, unleashing new perspectives that people had never thought about before. With the development of new industries and lifestyles, many people stopped looking towards nature and started being occupied by the hard work industrial city life held. Romanticism was the literature that looked upon nature and arts as opposed to municipal lifestyles and civic constrictions. It looked upon things with imagination and expression more than anything else. Now, the Romantic period took place between the late 18th century and 1850, this is somewhat odd as two different Eras are overlapping each other instead of being sequential.
However, even though these Eras slightly overlap with each other, this does not stop their philosophies from contrasting heavily. An example of disparity is Romanticism 's blatant use of idealism, such as its inclinations of being drawn to nature and its wild and different experiences. Victorianism however, uses realism. Victorian realists believed the the world was dark and gritty, and nature is useless as a means of fighting real world problems they had during the first and second industrial revolutions. Idealism and Realism are two very important topics that are ultimately the backbone of their respective Eras. Romanticism also has flashes or outbursts of excitement and emotion whereas Victorianism is more strained or gritty.
Alfred, Lord Tennyson was a Victorian Era poet who lived between 1809 and 1892. Lord Tennyson lived through most of the Victorian Era, having p...

... middle of paper ... way of saying "God". He hopes to meet the pilot in person as Lord Tennyson proclaims that he is "the Divine and Unseen Who is always guiding us". He sees the tide as life as it flows outwards causing a flood, and the deep ocean that is ultimately beyond what we are capable of. This poem shows the maturity and acceptance that Lord Tennyson has gained. He is ready to meet his creator.
All in all, the literature Alfred, Lord Tennyson produced is hidden with the development of his personal opinions and perspectives. As he grows older, he understands more about political situations as he is ultimately consumed by the new age thinking that the industrial revolution had caused. Lord Tennyson 's poetry is a journey through a man 's life as he is conflicted with different conflicting philosophies and thoughts of his age, many of which had never been thought about before.

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