Victoria Secrets : An American Designer And Marketer Of Women 's Premium Lingerie

Victoria Secrets : An American Designer And Marketer Of Women 's Premium Lingerie

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Victoria secrets is an American designer and marketer of women’s premium lingerie, swimwear, accessories and beauty products. Victoria secret was founded by Roy Raymond, and his wife Gaye Raymond in san Francisco, California, on June Twelfth, 1977. Eight years before founding Victoria Secret, Roy was extremely embarrassed when going to purchase lingerie for his wife at a department store in San Francisco. He said that he was faced with racks of terry-cloth robes and ugly floral nylon nightgowns. After this horrible experience was when he decided to open his own high end lingerie company. Although Victoria secrets targets women of all ages, and even some men shopping for there girlfriends or wives, the product appels the most to young teens and high school age girls to buy the product. In this day and age, there is this idea that if you’re doing something or wearing something that everyone else is then you can betray the symbol of being “cool” or “popular”. Many companies in the present day rely a lot on social media and the internet to advertise their brand to the public. The commercial campaigns that they have released have undoubtedly helped helped to further the success. Most of Victoria secrets campaigns portray a young, skinny, beautiful woman, almost nothing other then wearing bars and underwear. The women in this commercials are the iconic idea of what every teenage girl wants to look and be like. By putting these women in the product they are wising to sell, it gives off the image that by wearing lingerie from their company one can then radiate this same image. Victoria Secret anticipates their advertising strategy to target young girls nearly every time.
Models chosen for these campaigns are not picked randomly, the dire...

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...cials were not chosen randomly. They were picked because the brand knew that young girls would be drawn toward them. The “Angels” all have things in common that exemplifies today’s standard of beauty that most teenage girls aim to be like and look like. To conclude, like many advertisements in our era, the twenty first century, they used the sex appeal to attract the audience they are targeting. They rely on the sex appeal to promote their merchandise. This appel is highly played in these campaign’s to gain the young female’s attention. The color scheme’s also have a huge effect on the appeal the advertisements have towards young girls. By switching from black and white to color, it helps relate to the company’s theme. And even though Victoria secrets uses high end materials to create their products, they would be half the company they are today with out advertising.

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