Victor Frankenstein 's Mistakes : Paid Essay

Victor Frankenstein 's Mistakes : Paid Essay

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Victor Frankenstein’s Mistakes: Paid in Blood
What people do privately, when they are acting alone, can and will effect others’ lives in ways they do not expect. The effects may very well not be their intended purpose, but innocents always suffer from others’ actions. This is most clearly defined in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Victor, by keeping his sins to himself, destroyed the lives of those he loved; by keeping quiet time and time again, he sealed the fate of his and their horrible endings.
Victor obviously had an ambition beyond himself which led him to ignore his well-being: “Every night I was oppressed by a slow fever, and I became nervous to a most painful degree” (Shelley 35). Why would Victor continue making the Creature if it ailed him thus? (The project took him nine months for him to complete.) Creating a life was definitely something greater than Victor. What was his reason for this ambition? Was it to help others? It was because of pride.
Victor, quite simply, had a major pride issue; he wanted to be a god. During the planning stages of his creation, he wondered whether he should attempt a simpler creature, but decided not to limit his imagination (Shelley 32). This may not have been a bad idea—he made it work, after all—except this was human life he was dealing with, not plants or even animals. It was human.
If that alone does not fully reveal the extent of Victor’s sin, he goes further once the Creature comes to life by abandoning it. “Victor doesn’t value the life he is to create so much as what the creation will give him—a place in history as the (in)famous father of reanimating dead flesh” (Lunsford). All he wanted was glory. He then went on to hide his mistakes, and...

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...) he argued to Victor. His attitude was that he would give what he received; it is understandable, but not an excuse to murder innocents. Perhaps Victor, but not others who had not had a chance to prove whether they would accept him upon knowing him. He judges too quickly all of mankind when he has only encountered a fraction of them. They may not have accepted him; the old man, De Lacey, did.
Who was really the monster in Frankenstein? Both Victor and the Creature; they were what they allowed themselves to become in the end. Victor was driven to isolation and madness; the Creature, to hate and manipulation. Victor had chance after chance to confide his sins and make up for them, but he never did. His mistakes hurt him and his loved ones and the very life he created—something he had not intended blossomed beyond his control, and he paid for it with blood.

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