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The Victims
I, for sure, know with all certainty that you never were expecting this and I don't expect you to fully comprehend. You have no idea... To hold someone's life in your hands. To remain in control. To savour that instant when he realizes your power. He looks at you and he pleads with his eyes. He begs for mercy. He begs for his life. The life he’s worked so hard for… and you’re in control. You want to know why I did it? Here, I‘ve got an explanation. I've never been content with the idea of simply living my life, dying, and being forgotten. I want to be remembered for my achievements. And I will be, won't I? You must think I'm a monster. But I can guarantee that you're not going to go home... Oh no you’re not, to your boring lives and just forget me.
Take a stake, I bet I'll be on your mind for quite some time…
John hasn’t come back for a long time. People say I married him for money, but there was more to it than just that. I loved him once, but then there was the jealousy, the fights, the screaming and the never-ending arguments. I was never enough for him. Sometimes I think he thought he had married the wrong sister. Amy this and Amy that. How she worked so selflessly, gave so much of herself to all her stupid charities. But he isn’t laughing now is he? His part in this story ended long ago. You couldn’t possibly understand what he was like, and let’s not forget daddy. He was even worse. Every new person he met was instantaneously mesmerised by his infectious smile and exceptional intellect. He had the aptitude to light up a room with his contagious laughter. However, people were, without a doubt, turning a blind eye. There’s no suspicion that he did have a heart of solid stone, considering the way ...

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...ome and fed them with the support of neighbours.
She is survived by her father and son. Little Charlie was found by his mother’s side when her body was discovered.
A memorial will be held at St Paul’s Church, in Hampshire, on Thursday 16th February at 2.30 pm. Mrs Jones’ body will then be taken back to her hometown for burial. Her father has asked for donations to be sent to Darlie Jones’ charity of choice, Help the Children.
It is reported that Mrs Jones was frequently absent from the public eye. Nevertheless, she will be remembered as the voice of the ‘Help the Children’ during the fight for equal treatment, the voice which changed the attitudes towards children’s treatment and caused people to take the matter seriously.
It was in the nature of this woman, though, to fight at all times, for the people she loved most and for her power. She will be greatly missed.

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