Essay about Victims Of Pain By George Orwell

Essay about Victims Of Pain By George Orwell

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George Orwell said, “Of pain you could only wish one thing: that it should stop. Nothing in the world was so bad as physical pain. In the face of pain, there are no heroes.” Domestic abuse is a major issue in this country and world. However, the bigger issue is the long term effects any victim suffers from. Many persons suffer from an affliction known as Battered Person Syndrome. What is BPS? This condition is known today as, “a mental disorder that develops in victims of serious, longterm abuse” (citation #1). A battered person is very fragile. They are taught by their abusers that the offense being done to them is deserved. As if it is their own fault. Now, when someone suffering from BPS is still in an abusive relationship, and are put in a position where the only option to get out is fighting back or even killing their partners… Are their actions justified? Or should they not be excused? The victim’s actions should be recognized as justified. If a victim fights back, and ends up in court (granted it is most of the time in a situation where the batterer has been killed that the matter is taken to court), they should be able to use the BPS defense, and their actions be accepted as self defense, rather than first degree murder.
Today, the use of force upon, or toward another person is justifiable when the person believes that such force is necessary for the purpose of protecting themself (citation #2). That is the basic understanding of self defense. The Model Penal Code recognizes warranted self defense in certain situations. For example; a man abusing his wife (or vice versa). Say the position gets so bad to the point where the abused person’s life is in actual danger. Any act to try and save their own life would be acceptable....

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...nts provided, the recognizing of Battered Person Syndrome in courtrooms should happen. The battered person’s defense needs to be allowed in domestic violence court cases. After all, it is very hard for the abused to leave. So when they take a stand against their batterer, but is taken to court for it? That should be deemed as self-defense. Learned helplessness, impulsive aggression, and the other emotional effects that people with BPS suffer, are all viable reasons as to why juries need to accept the battered person’s defense. Society today is misinformed about the importance of making casualties of domestic abuse feel heard. A common ignorant question asked is, “Why don’t people in abusive relationships just leave?” But, a better question, that would further psychological research, and a sensible thing to ask would be, “Why don’t people stop abusing their partners?"

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