The Victims Of Native Americans Essay

The Victims Of Native Americans Essay

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Native Americans have endured the lengthiest form of genocide in modern history. While it is not this paper’s purpose to explore the traumas experienced by Native Americans via colonization and more modern policies which perpetuate Native American trauma, it is important to understand that those experiences have direct impact on these communities. Yellow Horse-Brave Heart (1999) reports that the Historical Trauma Response, which is a collection of symptoms that result in members of a group that have experienced trauma, reveals negative health outcomes that include: Increased suicide rates, mental health disorders, somatic complaints without medical merit, and obsession on trauma, guilt, and grief. Poupart (2003) explains that as First Nations communities were exposed to changes in their culture, and forced toward assimilation into European culture, this resulted in increased interpersonal violence within their communities. Matamonasa-Bennett (2015) reports that Native Americans experience significantly higher rates of interpersonal violence than any other ethnic group in the United States. Additionally, Bryant-Davis, Chung, and Tillman (2009) report that Native American females experience sexual violence at staggeringly high rates when compared to other ethnic groups in the United States and that they experienced assaults as children and then again during adulthood far more than other groups. In short, interpersonal violence among Native American communities has certainly reached epidemic proportions.

It is at the intersection of intergenerational trauma/historical trauma response and interpersonal violence, that we will explore how this crossroad impacts Native American communities in North Carolina. We will also explore what, i...

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... that members of the Native American community would consider in direct contrast to their beliefs of child-rearing. Today, there is little disagreement in regards to how exposure to abuse as children translates into increased risk for perpetrating the abuse as adults and the same is true for the Native American community. Further, Willmon-Haque and Big Foot (2008) report that boarding school experiences can be correlated with the higher incidents of Native American children involved with child protective services and within the foster care system. However, it would be important to keep in mind how existing American institutions can be responsible for continued bias and discrimination towards the Native American community, meaning that Willmon-Haque and Big Foot would be remiss if they did not also consider the impact of continued institutional racism in this instance.

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