Essay on Victims Of Modern Day Slavery

Essay on Victims Of Modern Day Slavery

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Unfortunately, the numbers of service providers to modern day slavery victims have little resources. In 2000, Trafficking Victims protection law was passed, a law for all modern day slavery actions perform by modern slave owners. The law was used to protect people from slavery, however, most victims of modern day slavery are hard to find due to the owner moving them around. One other problem was the victims of modern day slavery were in fear of coming forward to get the help that they required from the law. Policy makers have made programs to support people that are involved in modern slavery.
The Office of Victim (OVC) currently has several programs to assist anyone that has been a victim of human trafficking. OVC provides information to non-profit and government agencies that aid in providing help to the victims. However, there is an application process that the victims have to go through in order to be approved form the grants. This program advocates counseling for the victims and gives them resources for temporary housing. This is a very adequate program that focuses on the victim and helping them.
The overall response of all the groups explained above is not improving when it comes to modern day slavery. The laws that are in place to aid slavery have hidden agendas that also protect the law enforcement and the policy makers that put them in place. To help courts and prosecutors (or anyone else interested) to proceed from here and identify modern cases of slavery, we can usefully make two further interrelated observations on the text of the 1926 definition, and then unpack a little more what it means to exercise ‘the powers attaching to the right of ownership’ in respect of a human being (Allain & Hickey, 2012). No one owns...

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...rant should be written out in order to secure funds to aid in the building. The writer thinks that fundraiser should be held to contribute to the furnishing of the safe haven for former slaves. No one should be left out and no one should be discriminated against within the building. Everyone shall be welcomed and received.

Slavery is worldwide ad is not just racially based. It comes in all forms and shapes and most people think it only pertains to black when you say slaves. The writer has found that slavery is highly expanded throughout the world. It does not just focuses on one race or one nation. The world has the ability, through careful co-ordination and the considered application of resources, to end this barbaric practice that has plagued humanity throughout the ages (Androff, 2012). Slavery has not been abolished by the laws that proclaimed slavery was.

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