Victims of Haiti Essay

Victims of Haiti Essay

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It affected 3,000,000 people, left 1,000,000 homeless, injured 250,000 people, and took the precious lives of 170,000 innocent victims. The reason for such a disaster may never be fully understood, but other conclusions can be made by analyzing the information that we are able to attain. These victims of Haiti are in need of help, and will be for a long time. The victims of the earthquake in Haiti are dealing with several catastrophic effects including physical damage and economic troubles; however, they are also benefiting from one positive effect: the help from the world around them, coming together to as one to assist those in need.
The physical destruction that Haiti is suffering from is the first catastrophic effect that the earthquake has brought. Having totaled in an estimate of over 1,000,000,000 dollars, buildings have collapsed, roads crumbled, forests fallen, and now Haiti lies in the midst of ruin. Due to all the destruction, the citizens of Haiti are forced to live on the streets even though many are severely injured. By living out in the open, infections, disea...

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