Essay on Victims of Computer Hackers

Essay on Victims of Computer Hackers

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NNN MN an upscale retailer is one of the latest to reveal being a victim of hackers. Many Customers were affected, not just the store itself. Customers cards were being use to make unauthorized purchases. This situation put the retailer at risk of losing current or potential customers. Many individuals would question its security measures potentially bringing the company’s overall goodwill down. Neiman Marcus hack affected everyone involved, also questions the idea of how secured we are when it comes to making credit card purchases and how communication plays a major role overall in the problem.
In todays world hacking is extending and for those that hack use it for economic benefits and to steal identities. With the recent hacking that compromised NNN MN around Christmas time the hackers were using malicious software to make credit card purchases once a customers used their cards in store. The company received signals of fraudulent activity months before but didn’t take actions necessary at the time since it wasn’t for sure. The retailer mentioned how many customers were affected, “More than 1.1 million customers were affected in the recent hack of high-end retailer Neiman Marcus, the company has finally revealed (Wired).” The number of people affected was high although it was just unauthorized credit card purchases without identity theft being compromised.
Another concern was that the retailer saw glitches in the system and actions were not taken immediately. According to the report “Among the revelations: The company apparently missed 60,000 security alerts about the hack (AJC).” The company responded with “Neiman Marcus’s system could have been set to automatically block the malware as soon as it detected anomalous activity...

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...ourse by communicating to the public and apologizing because it shows its concern towards its customers that had been affected.
Hacking is something that can hit anyone; hackers are just waiting for the right time and place. It is something to be concern and has affected a vast majority of people. The problem escalates to affect everyone in general from retailer, customers, and banks. All this hacking that has occurred within a year including the Target Hacking that was even bigger have established the ideology of just how secured is our information when we make purchases. Its only within a swipe that we can become victims of fraud. Retailers should take necessary steps to be more precautious and alert customers as soon as a problem arises. Failure to communicate within the company is essential just as it is to communicate customers of possible hacking.

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