The Victims Of Child Abuse Essay

The Victims Of Child Abuse Essay

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The Victims of Child Abuse
Children are the most innocent human beings in our world, but they are the most vulnerable to be a victims of child abuse. The number of kids suffering from a type of mistreatment is rising in the city of Dallas. In February of 2015, Child Protective Services was investigating 571 cases of child abuse in Dallas County, a year later the number increased to 1,349 cases. The rising child abuse cases in Dallas are piling up; therefore, CPS investigator are becoming overwhelmed and are simply giving up. In fact, more CPS investigators are leaving their jobs than ever. Marissa Gonzales, a spokeswoman for Child Protective Services, claims that CPS investigators are leaving the department at a rate of 57% each year (Garrett, 2016). This has a devastating effect on the well-being of those children who are being investigated of being possible victims of a type of child abuse.
Educating the Community
The signs are often unnoticed because people just simply are not aware of what they are. Educating our community in order to prevent the growing cases of child abuse in Dallas is imperative.
A child can suffer from emotional, physical and sexual abuse. The experiences of a child who is a victim of abuse can create severe damages that can lead to critical disorders in behavior or even cause death. In order to prevent this from happening, we need to be aware of the signs that each type of abuse has and what we can do to prevent this from happening.
Child Neglect
One of the most common forms of child abuse is child neglect. According to the American Humane Association, approximately 63% of children experience abuse by being neglected. This means that an alarming number of children are not being care for properly and ...

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...nt in the state of Texas. In 2005, Child Protective Services were given $250 million by the state to improve its system and staff (Garrett, 2016). As the years have gone by, the expectations and the increase in child abuse cases have taken a devastating toll on the system and funds. With an average salary of no more than $39,000 a year; CPS investigators are becoming disappointed with the system and are quitting.
Unquestionably, Dallas has a broken system that needs the help of every member of its society. It is everyone’s responsibility to become proactive about child abuse in order to take control of the current situation. It is a mile stone that may take years to reach but it can be achieved through motivation and persistence. This can be accomplished by getting involved in informing our communities and by increasing our support to those who help abused children.

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